PAX East 2018: The Endless Mission Interview and Gameplay: The Game Never Has to End

The creators of Never Alone explore various genres in this unique sandbox title. 


Never Alone publisher E-Line Media is back with a new title in the form of The Endless Mission, a narrative-focused sandbox-style game that spans several genres. Beyond featuring different types of games and the way they work behind the scenes, it aims to let players tinker with them and understand more about how their favorite games come together.

Charles Singletary was on hand at PAX East 2018 to chat with E-Line Media's Brenden Sewell about the upcoming PC title, where a good chunk of gameplay was showcased as well as an anthropomorphic fox wearing an eyepatch, which should be an exciting concept for just about anyone.

Throughout The Endless Mission, you can check out a kart racer, platform, real-time strategy game, and other genres with elements melded together for an amalgam of awesome. It's all about stripping a game down to its core and taking a look inside, and as such could be utilized as a learning tool for those interested in learning about what goes into making a game as well as playing it.

For more about The Endless Mission, check out the interview above and be sure to hit up the official Shacknews Twitch channel for additional streams straight from the show.

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