PAX East 2018: Monster Prom Interview and Gameplay

The only dating sim where being creepy can be a good thing. 


There's nothing more romantic about high school than going to prom, especially if you happen to be a monster. Those Awesome Guys and Beautiful Glitch present Monster Prom, where you're not only a monster looking for love, but you get to choose your own partner to enjoy prom with. How adorable! In this upcoming visual novel, you're taken to Spooky High, where a cavalcade of monster students are excited about the upcoming dance, each student buzzing over the monster of their dreams. From there? Well, it's up to you! 

Asif Khan sat down with Beautiful Glitch's Julián Quijano, producer and designer of the self-described "inappropriate" and "raunchy" Monster Prom to chat about the colorful and sassy title. The unique art style, biting humor, and hilarious situations make it look like the game is going to be a win, especially since there are so many different facets to it. 

You can give "+0 shits" in the game, or you can gain "+2 boldness", for example. It all depends on the choices you make. There's a goal to "go big or go home," according to Quijano, and it looks like Monster Prom is definitely going to accomplish that goal. It's coming to PC on April 27, 2018. 

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