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How to Get the Good and Bad Endings in Far Cry 5

Good and bad are entirely subjective when it comes to the different endings available in Far Cry 5.


Players that have been keeping up with Far Cry 5 news have likely heard by now that the game includes a number of different endings, classified as being either good, bad, or secret. As might be expected, the bad ending is the one that's considered less desirable than the alternatives; similarly, the secret ending is one that players likely won't find unless through chance or deliberate action. The good ending, if it can be considered as such, is one that most players will likely be seeking, but the results may not play out quite as expected.

Spoiler alert: the following information contains plot details that are sure to spoil the ending of Far Cry 5. You've been warned.

How to Unlock the Good Ending in Far Cry 5

Players looking to unlock the good ending in Far Cry 5 need to get to the point in the game where they've taken out all three Seed siblings. With them out of the way, head back to the church from the beginning of the game to be given a new chance to try to subdue Joseph Seed. Approaching the man will bring up the option to either arrest him or walk away; walking away leads to the game's "bad" ending, so choosing to persist is the path we'll examine here.

far cry 5 how to get good ending

Unhappy with the player's decision, Seed will begin a difficult fight. The effects of Bliss will cause all of the hero's allies to turn and confront the player, meaning they'll need to be knocked out and revived before they'll once again fight on the hero's side. With alliances reforged, the protagonist will be tasked with taking out Joseph Seed all by themselves, though the allies will be on-hand for revivals where necessary.

Seed will inevitably fall, and a cutscene will play where Sheriff Whitehorse and a team of friendlies will finally capture and arrest him. Before proper celebration can commence, however, a flash of light will appear in the distance, signaling a final nuclear attack from the cult leader.

The protagonist and group of companions will hop into a truck hoping to make a quick getaway, but in their haste, the truck strikes a tree and crashes, rendering the hero unconscious. The player will wake up to see Seed whistling while dragging the hero back to Dutch's bunker. With Dutch lying dead in the corner of the room, Seed will launch into a spiel claiming that the player will be the first member of his new flock before the screen fades to black and the game credits begin to roll.

How to Unlock the Bad Ending in Far Cry 5

far cry 5 how to get bad ending

The "bad" ending in Far Cry 5 occurs when players choose not to arrest Joseph Seed, but instead walk away and leave him to his own devices. Doing so will prompt Seed to forgive the player, touching his head to theirs in a gesture of good will, and allowing the hero and all allies to simply leave.

A cutscene will play where the Sheriff drives the hero back toward Missoula, where the plan is to alert the National Guard to the actions of the Eden's Gate cult. However, as the hero and companions exit the compound, the screen will flash red, prompting Sheriff Whitehorse to ask the player if everything is all right. The player will hear the song Seed used to brainwash his victims as the screen turns black, suggesting that the hero has either died or fallen victim to the Bliss.

Players who can practice a little outside-the-box thinking can also unlock the secret Far Cry 5 ending, if they so choose. After you work out how to get the good ending (or maybe how to get the bad ending) in Far Cry 5, stay on top of the latest in Ubisoft's hit open-world adventure by checking out our growing Far Cry 5 walkthrough and guide hub.

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