How to Complete Merchant Alliance Voyages in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know about completing Merchant Alliance voyages in Sea of Thieves.


Are you the type of pirate that’s a little more civilized than those that dig in the dirt and kill things for a living? Well, the Sea of Thieves Merchant Alliance voyages might be for you. By working for the Merchant Alliance, you’ll be tasked with delivering goods and supplies to other outposts, and be rewarded for for every voyage you complete.

How to Complete Merchant Alliance Voyages

The Merchant Alliance don’t concern themselves with treasure chests or skulls, they’re all about creating a sustainable market between the outposts. For the Merchant Alliance quests, you’ll be tasked with delivering a vast array of goods to an island, and it will be up to you to collect what is required. This is one of the many ways to earn more gold in Sea of Thieves.

  1. Speak with a vendor from the Merchant Alliance
  2. Purchase one (or more) voyages
  3. Propose and vote for a Merchant Alliance voyage on your ship
  4. Check your inventory for the delivery list
  5. Collect the cages and crates from the Merchant Alliance vendor
  6. Head to nearby islands to find the necessary goods
  7. Go to the outpost that needs the delivery
  8. Give the items to the Merchant Alliance vendor at that outpost

The Merchant Alliance is one of the easiest companies to find in Sea of Thieves as their shop is right near the pier where you find your ship, opposite the shipwright. Speaking with the vendor at the Merchant Alliance will give you the option to purchase a voyage. The voyages will be free when you start, but as you learn to rank up companies, the voyages will cost increasingly more gold.

Buy one or more voyages from the Merchant Alliance and then head to your ship to vote on the voyage. You must go to the table in the captain’s quarters on a galleon or below deck on a sloop to propose, and then vote on, a voyage.

Once the voyage has been voted on, check your inventory by holding RB on Xbox One or E on PC. A list of the necessary items tells you exactly what you need to collect and what outpost needs the delivery. Speak with the Merchant Alliance vendor again to collect the cages and crates you need. For each item on the list, you must have that many crates.

The Merchant Alliance might ask you to deliver a multitude of different items, and it’s up to you to find these the islands:

  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • Snakes
  • Cannonballs
  • Bananas
  • Wooden Planks

With all the crates and cages aboard the ship, locate the outpost you need to deliver these items to and set sail in their direction. You should search the islands surrounding that outpost for the items you need (or islands on the way there). This will help reduce the time it takes to collect items as the Merchant Alliance voyages have a time limit. You will need to collect the goods and deliver them before time runs out. You can keep track of the day and time using your watch.

Make sure you know where to find chickens, and where to find pigs, and even where to find snakes, as they don’t spawn on all islands. You’re also going to need to know how to catch pigs and chickens and how to catch snakes. Furthermore, you need to ensure you’re catching the right sort of chicken, pig, and snake, because they each have different varieties. It’s a bit of a to-do, but it’s worth the effort.

Collect everything you need, get it on your ship, and then set sail for the outpost that needs the delivery. When you arrive at the island, deliver each item to the Merchant Alliance vendor and when everything is checked off the list, the voyage will be complete.

Earning gold through completing Merchant Alliance voyages can be a bit challenging, as it’s slow going and requires the most effort, but it’s a bit of fun. Be sure to look over the Sea of Thieves guide if you want to learn more about the world you’re exploring.

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