How to Complete Order of Souls Voyages in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know about completing Order of Souls voyages in Sea of Thieves.


Some pirates prefer a life of combat as opposed to collecting chests, which makes the Order of Souls an appealing prospect. By taking on and completing Order of Souls voyages in Sea of Thieves, you will be tasked with hunting down some of the most dangerous skeleton pirates in the world, and be rewarded handsomely for returning their skulls to the women of the Order of Souls.

How to Complete Order of Souls Voyages

The Order of Souls is one of three available companies that you can choose to work for in Sea of Thieves. By taking on Order of Souls voyages, you will receive a bounty-hunting quest that tasks you with hunting down one or more skeleton captains to take their skulls. These skulls can be sold for an impressive profit when you get back to an outpost.

  1. Speak with a vendor from the Order of Souls
  2. Purchase one (or more) voyages
  3. Propose and vote for an Order of Souls voyage on your ship
  4. Check your inventory for the bounty
  5. Locate the island on your ship’s map
  6. Sail to the island
  7. Fight waves of skeletons until the captains spawn
  8. Kill the captains and take their skulls back to the ship
  9. Take the skulls to any Order of Souls vendor on any outpost and sell them

When you first begin Sea of Thieves, finding each of the company vendors can be difficult, especially the sneaky Order of Souls vendors who dislike using their own house. To find your local Order of Souls representative, look for the boarded-up building at an outpost, you can find the vendor on the ground floor below the house in a curtain-draped room.

Speak with the vendor from Order of Souls and purchase one or more of the voyages. At the start, all voyages will be zero gold, but as you progress through Sea of Thieves and rank up the companies, the voyages will cost more, which isn’t a problem if you know how to earn gold.

Take the voyage to your ship and to the table either in the captain’s cabin if you’re on a galleon or below deck if you’re on a sloop. Interact with the table and propose one of your Order of Souls voyages. Look at the table again to see a little canister, choose to vote on your proposed voyage and the Order of Souls quest will begin.

A bounty message will appear in your inventory (found by holding RB on Xbox One or E on PC) showing you the skeleton pirates you need to kill and where to find them. Go to the navigation map on the ship and find the island, and then set sail.

When you arrive at the island, explore the area until you find a group of skeletons and begin killing them. To get the captain to spawn, several waves of skeletons will need to be killed. The captain skeleton mentioned on the bounty is highlighted by unique attire and their name written above them in a bold color. Kill the captain, pick up its skull, and take it back to the ship. In the event the Order of Souls voyage breaks and the captain doesn’t spawn, try sailing away from the island until it disappears, and then sailing back.

All you need to do now is sail to any outpost and deliver it to the Order of Souls vendor to complete the voyage. You don’t need to take it to the island where you bought the voyage, any old outpost will do. Handing over the skull will net you a tidy profit of gold that you can spend on things like ship customization.

Being a pirate can be tough, which is why we’ve got a handy Sea of Thieves pirate guide to help you with anything and everything you could need.

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