How to Complete the Gold Hoarders Voyages in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know about completing the Gold Hoarders' voyages.


Completing voyages in Sea of Thieves is what every pirate will need to do to make gold, and the Gold Hoarders offer the perfect opportunity to make you rich. This gold-mad company will sell you treasure maps, and if you bring them back a treasure chest or two, they'll pay plenty of gold for your troubles.

How to Complete Gold Hoarders Voyages

The Gold Hoarders are one of three companies you can find in Sea of Thieves that will pay you gold to complete voyages, the other two are Merchant Alliance and Order of Souls. If you want to make enough gold to customize your ship, you’re going to need to do a lot of quests, or “voyages” as they’re known in-game.

  1. Speak with the Gold Hoarders vendor in his tent
  2. Purchase one (or more) voyages
  3. Propose and vote for a Gold Hoarders voyage on your ship
  4. Check your inventory for the maps
  5. Locate the islands on your ship’s map
  6. Sail to the island
  7. Dig up the treasure with your shovel
  8. Take the treasure chest back to any Gold Hoarders tent on an outpost
  9. Sell the treasure chest for gold

When you first load into Sea of Thieves, you’ll find yourself in a tavern on one of the many outposts scattered across the world. To find your nearest Gold Hoarders representative, head out of the tavern and look for a little green tent – they can usually be found around the other buildings.

Speak with the Gold Hoarder to see the three available voyages they have for sale. At the start of Sea of Thieves, you’ll have zero gold, so all the voyages will cost nothing, but as you increase your rank with the various companies, you will need to pay for each voyage. Pick up one or all of the voyages and then find your ship by the pier.

Once on the ship (either a sloop or galleon), go into the captain’s quarters (or just down the stairs on a sloop) and interact with the table. Sea of Thieves will let you select a voyage and propose it for the group to vote on. With the quest proposed, you will need to vote on the voyage to begin the next step.

After the voyage has been accepted, a map will appear in your inventory. To find the map, hold RB on Xbox One or the E key on PC to open up the radial menu where the maps are located. Either a riddle or a map of an island will be in the inventory, and it’s up to you to find them on the ship’s map and set sail.

When you reach the island, you will need to disembark and begin looking for the chest as represented by a red X on the map (or wherever the riddle tells you to dig). Use the maps in your inventory as a reference for where the chest is located on the island. When following riddles, the next section of the riddle will uncover once you’re standing on the island.

Finding the chest could be difficult and might require digging in a few spots on the island. Once you manage to find the chest and dig it up with your shovel, take it back to your ship. At this point, you can either return to any outpost to deliver it or continue looking for more chests if you have multiple maps or if the voyage has not be completed.

Take the treasure chest back to any outpost you want, it doesn’t have to be the one where you purchased the Gold Hoarders voyage. Bring the chest to the Gold Hoarders tent and while holding it, choose the sell option when facing the vendor. You will receive a portion of gold depending on the rarity of the chest. Now that the voyage is complete, you can propose another, perhaps even an Order of Souls voyage.

This is just the beginning of your adventure through Sea of Thieves. As you play, you’ll be able to earn more gold and perhaps even take on the challenging skeleton fort raid. Take a look at Shacknews’ Sea of Thieves guide if you’re looking for more pirate-related tips.

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