New 9.7 Inch iPad With Apple Pencil Support Revealed During Apple's Education Event

Let's Take A Field Trip is used to introduce a new 9.7 inch iPad.


Via The Verge's live blog, we've learned that Apple introduced a new, 9.7-inch iPad during their Let's Take A Field Trip event where the company focused on education initiatives. It will cost $329 for consumers and $299 for schools and is available today.

The new iPad features updated versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that all support Apple Pencil. As far as we know, it'll also feature an 8-megapixel read camera, LTE option, A10 Fusion chip, GPS, compass, TouchID, and HD FaceTime camera. It only weighs one pound.

Picture Courtesy of The Verge

We'll update as more information is made available. Cover image is courtesy of The Verge as well.

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  • reply
    March 27, 2018 8:26 AM

    Charles Singletary posted a new article, New iPad With Apple Pencil Support Revealed During Apple's Education Event

    • reply
      March 27, 2018 8:57 AM

      Looks like it might finally be time to replace the wife's iPad 3.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 11:10 AM

        Yep done and bought. Are there any cases for this thing that add a Surface-like kickstand?

    • reply
      March 27, 2018 9:09 AM

      I'm sad the iPad Mini seems to be a dead product, it was the tablet form factor I prefer.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 9:25 AM

        I still use mine.

        • reply
          March 27, 2018 9:32 AM

          I still use mine, but it's a mini 2 from 5 years ago and it's slow as shit now.

          It's the perfect size for reading books and using on planes/other travelling, which are the main times I use a tablet.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 9:26 AM


      • reply
        March 27, 2018 9:27 AM

        It's the best one for most people.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 9:33 AM

        My Mini 2 is awesome. Love that thing to watch Youtube in the evening or zoning out in some other way.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 10:51 AM

        Ugh, same. My wife's OG iPad Mini finally reached its end (still working, just way too slow, and the home button is super hard to click). I was surprised that the latest available option is the Mini 4 from 2015... which still cost us $300. Either way she uses the thing like 8 hours a day so its worth it. But a refresh would be nice.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 11:02 AM


      • reply
        March 27, 2018 11:06 AM

        It's ideal for flinging it around the couch.

    • reply
      March 27, 2018 9:28 AM

      Aaaaand bought. I just bought a 5th gen like two weeks ago. Fortunately it's still inside the return window--although my parents might be buying it from me instead, as my Stepdad's needs an upgrade badly.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 10:45 AM

        How are the iPads differentiated now? Pro, air, and regular?

        • reply
          March 27, 2018 11:18 AM

          There's just Pro and non-Pro at 9.7". Pro has a better screen, speakers and more powerful innards.

          • reply
            March 27, 2018 11:20 AM

            I’d buy a mini in a heartbeat if they made a good one. I wonder why they abandoned that?

          • reply
            March 27, 2018 11:22 AM

            Pro also has Smart Keyboard which non pro does not.

    • reply
      March 27, 2018 11:38 AM

      I know it wasn't the purpose of this event, but I was really looking forward to AirPower and the wireless charging AirPods case being released today. I don't know what's going on internally at Apple that's making them miss their release deadlines so badly, but this is stuff they said I'd be able to do with my phone 5 months ago. We're going to be half-way through the product cycle soon and they haven't even shipped all the features that the last one was supposed to have.

      • reply
        March 27, 2018 11:44 AM

        Yeah I’ve been holding out for new AirPods and wireless charging case but how long am I going to have to wait FFS?

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