What is the Brig Time Limit in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves players wondering how long they have to sit in the brig before being set free are likely to be disappointed by the answer.


There are a lot of different mechanics in play within Rare's latest open-sea game, and one of them ties directly into the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code. Article 5 stipulates that "those who betray their crew and ship through griefing or trolling shall be sent to the brig," and unsurprisingly, many sailors with a penchant for bad behavior have found themselves locked away. However, some legitimate players have also found themselves stuck in the brig for various reasons, leaving them wondering how much time they have to spend in solitude before being let free. Unfortunately, the answer isn't a happy one.

Brig Time Limit in Sea of Thieves

To put it bluntly, there is no set amount of time that players need to wait before being released from the brig; they're basically at the whim of their crewmates when it comes to being set free. There does seem to be a minimum waiting time of a few minutes, but as far as we can tell, there is no maximum time limit. This is a big problem for a number of players, as some crews seem fond of placing would-be pirates into the brig for things that aren't trolling or griefing, like dancing on deck, mistakenly dropping anchor, or even not having a microphone.

Likewise, there seems to be no time limit on how long a player has to be in game before the crew can send them to the brig. Some players are reporting being placed right into the brig shortly after joining, with other players refusing to let them out. It's a complicated problem, and it's one that doesn't have any sort of clear solution. Fortunately, there are ways that sailors can leave the brig after being placed there.

How to Get Out of the Brig in Sea of Thieves

The most straightforward solution to getting out of the brig in Sea of Thieves is the system that Rare has implemented that allows users to vote whether or not to let a player out. This only seems fair, considering that players have to vote players into the brig; however, it's very unlikely that players who vote another into the brig will vote to let them out in a timely fashion.

With that said, the obvious solution to getting out of the brig is to leave the game. It's not ideal at all, but closing the game and rejoining another crew is the only sure-fire way to not only leave the brig, but to get matched up with a crew that (hopefully) won't be so quick to imprison other players to begin with.

It's not always easy keeping up with all of the enemies, errors, and general gameplay mechanics in Rare's seafaring adventure title, so stay on top of the best and latest tips by heading over to our Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide.

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