How To Customize Ships In Sea of Thieves

Bedeck your deck by taking advantage of all the different ship-based cosmetic items in Sea of Thieves.


Given that Rare's latest title Sea of Thieves is a game specifically focused on the open-sea experience, it comes as little surprise that players are keen on customizing their ships. After all, nothing makes a sailor stand out more than a visual representation of their greatest triumphs and most valuable spoils. Fortunately, the crew at Rare has provided a number of cosmetic items that players can use to customize their vessels, and we've got the skinny on where these options can be purchased.

How To Customize Your Ship in Sea of Thieves

While there are loads of different options that gamers can use to customize their avatars and ships, it's worth mentioning that none of the customization options will have any sort of effect on the way that the game plays out. Like with other cosmetic choices, these items are just for fun, but players can still put down some of their hard-earned gold in order to create the glorious watercraft they see in their minds' eyes.

The first step in customizing the ship in Sea of Thieves is to head to the nearest outpost and find the Shipwright Shop, which is usually out on a wooden dock near the shoreline. After speaking with the merchant, players will find a number of different ship customization options that can be purchased for varying amounts of gold, including choices for figureheads, sails, and even hulls.

Naturally, and perhaps expectedly, any purchased ship cosmetic items won't necessarily transfer to the player's new vessel. After all, players change crews all the time in Sea of Thieves, and there's not really any surefire way of making sure that ship cosmetics are always applied. Instead, players who log out and back into the game will likely have to re-apply their chosen ship cosmetics by once again visiting the nearest Shipwright. With that said, players should find that all purchased cosmetics will be available to apply again for free as many times as they like. For more details on this system, check out some of the details provided by Rare in the Sea of Thieves progression video featured above.

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