How to Find the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

If finding the kraken is your pirate dream, make sure you’re with a respectable team.


The kraken is Sea of Thieves’ mightiest creatures, sending pirates and their ships full of treasure to the bottom of the ocean with ease, and relegating fallen players straight to the ghost ship. Hunting the formidable kraken is challenging as is trying to find it in the wide and open world.

How to Find the Kraken

The kraken is a random encounter in Sea of Thieves that cannot be found in any single location. This means that you cannot specifically choose to go and find the kraken in a specific spot, you have to let it find you. Unlike the storms that swirl around the map that can be seen from a distance, you won’t know the kraken is nearby until it’s already rising up around your ship.

For those intrepid pirates who want nothing more than to find a kraken and kill it, you will just have to be patient and wait for the kraken to appear. It could choose to attack you on your first every voyage or it could be a dozen hours of gameplay time until you see it. However, if you do want to encounter the kraken, it is a good idea to spend a lot of time in the water as it won’t be attacking you when you’re on land or when the ship is too close to the shoreline.

Because of the size of the kraken, it needs plenty of room to spawn, so try and keep a good distance between your ship and any nearby landmass. The kraken will also spawn regardless of how much loot you have on your ship – it might spawn when you’re brimming with precious cargo and it might appear when you have nothing.

Figuring out when the kraken is about to spawn is extremely obvious: the water directly around your ship will turn a deep inky black and your ship will drastically reduce in speed. These are the two signs that you’ve managed to find a kraken (or rather, the kraken has found you), so prepare for a fight and make sure you know how to kill the kraken! Check out our Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more tips on the various mechanics in the game.

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