How to Catch Snakes in Sea of Thieves

Prepare your instrument and a song do make, if you plan on catching a snake!


Even though snakes don’t move a lot in Sea of Thieves, they can still be difficult to catch, especially if you don’t come prepared. Unlike the other animals you can catch, snakes will attack if they see someone, which could very well lead to death if you’re not careful.

How to Catch Snakes

The first step in catching snakes is to ensure you have the correct cage to keep them in. You can’t go using the same cages you’d use when catching pigs or chickens, you need to have a wicker basket from either the Merchant Alliance vendor or by finding one on an island.

With the cage stowed on your ship, you should head out and try to find snakes. They are located on just about every island, though their chance of spawning is random. When you find a snake you want to catch, you must pull out your instrument and play music as you approach the snake. Playing music will lull the snake into passivity, else it will hiss at you and spit venom, which will make you lose health.

Once the snake is safely in the basket, the danger doesn’t stop, as it will continue to hiss and spit venom if the music wears off. As you carry the snake back to the ship, you might have to place the snake on the ground and play more music, unless a bit of venom in the eyes doesn’t bother you. Another good idea is to bring a friend along so they can play music as you carry the basket to keep the snake relaxed.

Placing the snake below deck is another good idea as it can get as grumpy as it wants down there without being able to spit venom. Putting the snake on the deck or near the cannonballs means you’ll be in constant danger of the snake as you attend to the sails or fetch materials, unless a crewmember is dedicated to playing music or you remember to play music when running around.

Catching snakes in Sea of Thieves isn’t that difficult, but it’s certainly more demanding than catching the other animals. Stick with Shacknews as we guide you through the Sea of Thieves experience!

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