How to Spot Sunken Ships and Shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves players who keep their eyes peeled for sunken ships stand a good chance of scoring precious supplies and treasure.


Rare's latest open-water adventure Sea of Thieves is yet another in a line of modern games that doesn't go out of its way to explain itself to the player. The idea is likely that not knowing exactly how everything works will give the game's players a sense of wonder, excitement, or perhaps even fear. In the case of sunken ships and shipwrecks, all three responses are appropriate, as diving into the watery ruins of what was once a sailing vessel comes with its own unique risks and rewards. Read on to learn everything we know about sunken ships and shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves.

How To Spot Shipwrecks and Sunken Ships in Sea of Thieves

Like many other aspects of Sea of Thieves, the specific locations of shipwrecks are ill-defined. From what can be told, their locations are completely randomized, meaning players won't be able to rely on finding them given a set of coordinates. Some speculate that the locations of shipwrecks may correspond to locations where other players' ships have sunk, but we can't verify whether this is true or not. However, there are a few easy ways of spotting shipwrecks, even across a great distance, and it involves looking out for a flock of seagulls.

Seagulls floating in the sky in Sea of Thieves generally only mean two things: floating barrels or a shipwreck. Smaller flocks of seagulls will circle around barrels in the water, the likes of which may or may not contain supplies, but bigger flocks almost always denote a shipwreck. Once spotted, players should approach the wreckage cautiously, as it's possible that other nearby sailors have seen the flock and are heading the same direction.

Items, Treasures, and Enemies in Sea of Thieves Shipwrecks

Diving down and exploring shipwrecks in Sea of Thieves carries with it a degree of danger. Players who stay underwater too long can most certainly drown, but many players avoid shipwrecks entirely due to the presence of sharks, which tend to hang out around sunken ships in groups up to four strong. These massive beats can kill players in just two bites, so though it probably goes without saying, avoid these guys at all costs.

Discretion is the better part of valor, of course, and players diving into a shipwreck stand a good chance of swimming out with some good supplies. In particular, shipwrecks are known to often contain items such as wooden planks, bananas, cannonballs, and even the Shipwrecked variety of Treasure Chests. Though these supplies will most certainly come in handy, most of the time they aren't worth risking life and limb, so smart players would do well to have their crewmates watching their backs before diving down to collect the loot.

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