What Does the Skull Cloud Mean in Sea of Thieves?

A skull cloud in the sky is a pirate’s delight, so long as you’re ready to put up a fight.


Any good pirate will tell you than in order to avoid (or find) danger, you’ll need to keep your eye on the horizon and look out for other sails and natural phenomenon. One event that might have caught your attention is a massive skull cloud with glowing green eyes. This ominous looking cloud formation actually signifies something important is happening somewhere in Sea of Thieves!

What Does the Skull Cloud Mean?

To put it simply, the skull cloud with green eyes in Sea of Thieves signals that one of the many skeleton forts is currently active. For those still getting their sea legs, a skeleton fort is a heavily defended island that – most of the time – is completely empty of enemies. However, whenever a skull cloud appears, it means one of these empty skeleton forts is now brimming with skeletons, and a lot of loot for you to potentially collect. Before you decide to take on the challenge, make sure you know how to complete a skeleton fort in Sea of Thieves.

The skull cloud you see floating in the sky is actually floating above the active skeleton fort, so all you need to do is start sailing toward it. Remember, because Sea of Thieves is an online multiplayer game, other players might also have the same idea as you – you could come face-to-face with other players looking to take the rewards all for themselves.

Finishing a skeleton fort and collecting the reward is a lengthy process, but well-worth the effort. For any solo pirates or a pair of adventuring captains, a skull cloud could pose a massive risk, but also a hefty reward if you can pull it off without falling prey to a full galleon. Swing by our Sea of Thieves guide to help you explore the rich world on offer.

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