Where to Find Pigs in Sea of Thieves

Locating pigs for the Merchant Alliance may take you all around the map in Sea of Thieves, unless you know where to look.


If you’re the kind of pirate who prefers helping advance civilization by making deliveries, then the Merchant Alliance is right for you. This glorified group of postmen and postwomen may task you with delivering pigs to another outpost, at which point it will be up to you to find pigs and ensure they arrive safely.

Where to Find Pigs

Pigs are likely to be found on just about every single island in Sea of Thieves. In saying this, large islands have more landmass, which means there is more room for animals to spawn, so they should be your first port of call when trying to find pigs. Make sure you know how to catch pigs, else you’re going to have a tough time making those deliveries. Some of these islands also appear on the list of islands where you can find chickens.

  • Blind Man's Lagoon
  • Cannon Cove
  • Devil's Ridge
  • Kraken's Fall
  • Lone Cove
  • Old Faithful Isle
  • Paradise Spring
  • Rum Runner Isle
  • Sea Dog's Rest
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Shark Tooth Key
  • The Sunken Grove
  • Thieves' Haven

If the island you visit doesn’t have any pigs on it, try the next closest island, even if it isn’t large. Another point worth noting is that even if an island has pigs, it may not have the type of pig you’re looking for. There are a few different species of pigs that can be found in Sea of Thieves, so make sure you’re catching the right one for your voyage!

A good idea is to search the islands surrounding the outpost that requires the delivery, that way you’re close to your goal. However, as the Merchant Alliance voyages become more complex, the amount of islands you need to visit will expand. Head over to the Sea of Thieves guide for more helpful articles on how to fix errors and how to do various things in Rare’s latest game.

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