Who is the Mysterious Stranger in Sea of Thieves

Figuring out who is the Mysterious Stranger and what they want is one puzzle worth solving in Sea of Thieves.


When you first load into Sea of Thieves, chances are you’ll find yourself in a tavern and come face-to-face with a black-clad person called the Mysterious Stranger. This character doesn’t have a lot to say, and when they speak, it’s entirely in riddles. If you want to earn what the Mysterious Stranger is offering, you’re going to need to put in a bit of work.

Who is the Mysterious Stranger and What Do They Do?

Aside from the various shop owners and voyage-givers you find at outposts, you’ll also come across the Mysterious Stranger. As soon as you begin Sea of Thieves, head to the closest tavern and look in the dark recess to find this riddle-speaking NPC. This character is a different type of vendor who will guide you along a critical path in Sea of Thieves.

The first thing they will say is, “Your reputation is low as you arrive, my first goal’s set at all companies five.” What they are referring to is your rank with the three companies that you can work for to earn gold in Sea of Thieves. Your first task will be to reach rank 5 for all of the companies, and then return to the Mysterious Stranger.

To reach rank 5 for each of the companies, you will need to complete their specific quests until you level up, and then – this is very important – purchase the promotion. No matter how high your rank is, if you do not purchase the promotion, you will not be considered the rank that appears on the screen. The promotion can be bought by visiting a company vendor, speaking with them, and selecting the box on the top-left. Once you have all three of the rank 5 promotions, return to the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern and speak to them again. As you can see, they’ll give you another riddle, this time directing you to reach rank 10. This will continue for several levels.

Unfortunately, little is known about the Mysterious Stranger outside of this long-form quest system. That said, there is one glaring clue that tells us why they might be there. We know very little about becoming a Pirate Legend, but what we do know is that you need to increase your reputation with all of the companies. Putting two-and-two together, it seems pretty obvious that the Mysterious Stranger is the person who will give you access to the Pirate Legend hideout once you max out all companies.

For now though, your best bet is to continue leveling up the different companies and speaking with the Mysterious Stranger when you reach new milestones. Be sure to keep your eye here on Shacknews, as we’ll let you know what waits at the end of the Mysterious Stranger questline as soon as possible. Take a look at our Sea of Thieves guide while you’re here, it’s full of helpful tips!

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