Where to Find Chickens in Sea of Thieves

Finding chickens for the Merchant Alliance can be a tricky task in Sea of Thieves.


Not all pirates choose a life of plundering and pillaging, some prefer the finer things in life like finding chickens and delivering them to outposts for the Merchant Alliance. There are a lot of islands to visit in Sea of Thieves, and thanks to the deadline, you’re going to want to know where to find chickens quickly.

Where to Find Chickens

Chickens can be found on nearly all islands in Sea of Thieves, but your best chances will be to visit the larger islands. Small islands don’t have a lot of landmass, which means not many animals can spawn there. Before you strike out on your quest, make sure you know how to catch chickens, else you’ll be running around like a headless… well… chicken. We’re in the process of sailing to all the islands to confirm where you can find chickens, so we’ll be sure to update the list as we go!

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  • Barnacle Cay
  • Cannon Cove
  • Crook's Hollow
  • Marauder's Arch
  • Old Faithful Isle
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Thieves' Haven
  • Twin Groves
  • Wanderers Refuge

Types of Chickens

There are actually different species of chickens that you can find in Sea of Thieves. At the moment, there are four versions of chickens, which can sometimes complicate things. Just because an island has chickens, doesn’t mean it’s going to have the chickens you need to find and catch.

  • White Feathered Chicken
  • Red Speckled Chicken
  • Black Plumed Chicken
  • Golden Chicken

In the event you head to an island purported to have chickens, and don’t find any, just try any nearby islands. A good idea is to plot a course for the outpost that needs the delivery and then search the surrounding islands in hopes of finding the chickens you need. Sail over to the Sea of Thieves guide hub for more tips!

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