LavenderBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves players shouldn't let the fearsome LavenderBeard error take the winds out of their sails.


Despite a number of alpha tests, beta tests, and stress tests, Rare's recent launch of Sea of Thieves hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. While plenty of players have found their way into the game, others are being plagued by a number of different Beard-referencing game errors. One of the more persistent problems is the LavenderBeard error, which indicates issues in both the user's local network as well as server-side issues. Don't worry, though, because we're looking over the common causes of the LavenderBeard scourge and how players can reverse the curse to get back in game.

How To Fix the Sea of Thieves LavenderBeard Error

Unlike many of the other Beard-related woes that have so far gone without official mention, the LavenderBeard error is one that's directly addressed over on the Sea of Thieves support website. It's described as an issue typically caused by reactions between the game software and the player's antivirus, firewall, proxy server settings, or some other sort of network management tool. It's also described as an error that may surface when new players are prevented from joining the game due to an effort by Rare to fix issues on the server, such as what happened shortly after Sea of Thieves went live.

When it comes to server-side issues, there's really not much players can do but wait and try again later — the standard advice for many of these Beard errors. As for firewall or other network issues, those are much more complicated to address. Users can easily disable their antivirus if they suspect it's interfering with the game, but a firewall issue may be harder to track down. It would help to make sure Windows isn't blocking any network features; beyond that, users can add an exception in the Windows firewall settings.

If these fixes don't resolve the issue, it's hard to say what will. If LavenderBeard can be caused by network management or proxy servers, those are problems that would likely need to be addressed by the people who set up those services. For most players, however, the LavenderBeard error should be another case of wait and see as game servers sort themselves out.

Pirates who want to learn more about what Sea of Thieves has on offer or read up about all the other different Beard-related errors will find much information filed away over on our Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide.

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