Not Getting Gold for Chests in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to fix the problem of not getting gold when you turn in items in Sea of Thieves.


As a pirate adventuring on the vast ocean of Sea of Thieves, finding chests, collecting skulls, and delivering goods is your entire livelihood, which is why it’s so alarming when you end up not getting gold for chests, or skulls, or when you make a delivery. Not getting your reward of gold can be frustrating, and because it’s a common problem, there’s a simple solution.

Not Getting Gold in Sea of Thieves

Before you start trying to hack poor Hugh the Gold Hoarder to bits with your cutlass for not giving you your reward, there’s some good news: the gold you didn’t get will appear. It’s an incredibly common problem and it’s one that I’ve encountered when handing in chests, delivering chickens, and even turning in skulls. In order to fix the problem of not getting gold and receiving no rewards, you just need to wait.

While it’s not ideal, it’s worked every time. Wait around for a few minutes and you will eventually receive the gold for the item you just handed over. At the launch of Sea of Thieves, the servers will be bombarded with new players, and while Rare works to manage the load, you’re bound to encounter some client-to-server lag.

Alternatively, you could try purchasing an item (preferably one you want) as this may force the game to “count your coins” and make it realize it owes you a bunch of gold. However you choose to proceed, know that Rare is aware of the issue and is actively working on a fix for why you're not getting rewards, reputation, or gold.

In the meantime, why not sail over to our Sea of Thieves guide hub for more information on game mechanics and ways to fix other common problems.

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