Searching The Seas In Sea of Thieves

Some Sea of Thieves players are stuck searching the seas, and not in the way they had hoped.


Rare has been brewing up a special treat for players, recently releasing their efforts in the so-far very well-received pirate adventure title Sea of Thieves. It's an open-world experience that's quite unlike any other, presenting its gameplay across a sprawling sea full of both interest and peril. Unfortunately for some players, there are unknown perils lurking somewhere within the game's servers that prevent them from connecting to the game. In particular, many sailors are finding that they're stuck at the Searching the Seas prompt on the game's loading screen.

Stuck Searching the Seas Error in Sea of Thieves

Some of the first reports of users getting stuck at the Searching the Seas loading screen popped up during the days of the Sea of Thieves closed beta test. At the time, Rare was still checking out results of the game's Scale Test, and apparently some of the tests themselves resulted in users either getting booted from the game or being prevented from joining the game entirely. Considering the feedback from fans regarding the issue, Rare posted a tweet saying that the team was aware of the issues and was working on a solution.

It's not too much of a lead to go on, but it seems safe to say that getting stuck Searching the Seas is an indication of an issue on the game's server side, primarily an issue that prevents users from getting or staying connected to online portions of the game. Since it only happens when connecting to game servers, and the game requires constant internet connectivity, it's a pretty serious problem to encounter. In this sense, it's a lot like other common Sea of Thieves error like the GreyBeard error or the FishBeard error, both of which seem to be related to online matchmaking.

Since there are no entries for "searching the seas" over on the Sea of Thieves support website, inference is all we have to go on regarding potential solutions to the Searching the Seas load screen loop. It's clear that the problem relates to online connectivity, however, and in those cases the provided solution is almost always the same — wait and try again. Fortunately, we've got plenty of interesting content for players to read while they wait, and it's all available over on our Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide.

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