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A Way Out - Chapter 5: Conflict

After making it back home, Vincent and Leo will need to come to terms with everything that’s happened since they first met.


The final chapter in A Way Out is Chapter 5: Conflict, which sees Vincent and Leo return from their mission of taking down Harvey for his betrayal of Leo and for killing Vincent’s brother. With their feet back on home soil, these two jailbirds will need to figure out how to live with the life they’ve chosen. There are some story spoilers below, so if you’ve yet to play through A Way Out, look away!


As you exit the plane, this section of Chapter 5: Conflict will answer a lot of the questions you’ve formed along your journey. Buckle up, because there are a lot of cutscenes to watch here before everything kicks off.

Canal Chase

Vincent and Leo will find themselves in a cop car, tearing away from the police once more. Continue along the road, being careful not to crash into other police vehicles. Eventually, the ride will end with Vincent and Leo in the water, at which point you’ll both need to smash the glass to escape. The two fugitives will find themselves in separate vehicles, and will need to try and regroup to continue the mission.

Face Off

After a short chase, the two vehicles will become useless, and Vincent will finally join back up with Leo on the ground. Both Vincent and Leo will need to use the environment to their advantage, hiding behind walls and crates to avoid the gunfire, taking shots when they can. Continue the fight through the building until you reach the final moment.

A Way Out

The final section of Chapter 5: Conflict sees Vincent and Leo back together, fighting for what they believe in. Whatever happens here will have a direct effect on the ending of A Way Out.

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