GreyBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

What does the GreyBeard error in Sea of Thieves mean?


There are apparently a lot of people trying to play Sea of Thieves right now, which makes sense since the game launched in the U.S. about an hour ago. Potential pirates have been getting a handful of different errors. Greybeard is one of the more common errors, but what does it mean?

Greybeard Error in Sea of Thieves

There are a lot of errors listed on the Sea of Thieves support page, but GreyBeard is not one of them. We have already written about KiwiBeard, BronzeBeard, and TrimmedBeard, but information is limited on what GreyBeard could mean.

Our search for answers took us to the Sea of Thieves subreddit, where users guessed that it was related to matchmaking. That makes sense since the Shacknews team are grouped up and trying to find a match together, but we still don’t know for sure.

For what it’s worth, players can visit the Sea of Thieves support page for more information, or they can follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter for real-time updates.

Now that you know a bit more about GreyBeard and the other error codes, read more about Sea of Thieves on Shacknews while you’re trying to get into a game.

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