All Quest for the Golden Bananas Clues in Sea of Thieves

Kick back with us as we examine all of the revealed clues in the Sea of Thieves Quest for the Golden Bananas promotion.


With the Sea of Thieves launch now just hours away, many fans have been busy working on the latest social media promotion for the game. It's called The Quest for the Golden Bananas, and it's an effort from the development team at Rare to bring together players for a chance to win a suitably rare prize: real-world 18-carat golden bananas from London's own Smith & Harris Goldsmiths, the likes of which are individually valued at around $28,000 in U.S. currency.

The details of the promotion are fairly simple: the event kicked off just earlier today, and it will run through three days, with the deadline for submissions closing at 04:00 GMT this coming Thursday. The team will apparently be unveiling new clues every 3 to 5 hours until all 15 clues have been revealed. Once the deadline has closed, the first teams from each eligible country to have submitted all 15 correct answers to the Banana Quest website will enter the semi-finals, wherein they'll be tasked with solving one last riddle. Other prizes will be offered, but only one eligible crew will be able to take home the golden bananas.

Each of the clue phrases will fit into the above template known as The Passage. Beyond the basic details provided with each clue, players can also double check their expected answers against the context provided by The Passage above. As for individual clues and specific answers, keep reading to find more details below.

This guide was last updated at 5 p.m. on March 20 with solutions for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh clues.

Sea of Thieves Quest for the Golden Banana Clues and Solutions

Since the Quest of the Golden Bananas promotion is still underway, we don't yet have access to all 15 clues. With that said, we have had enough time to look at the three clues revealed on Rare's social media accounts so far, and here's what we've learned.

Clue #01 - Monkey Business

The first clue under the Golden Bananas promotion popped up about in early Monday hours through the Rare LTD Instagram page. The video shows a monkey enjoying a few tasty bananas before cutting to a parchment that asks players, "What's a Sema For?" Luckily, a bit of research into flag semaphores reveals a distinct method of telegraphy, and that method helps clarify the symbols on the first clue, the likes of which spell out the clue phrase FIRSTOUTPOST.

Clue #02 - Marooned Maiden

The second Quest for the Golden Bananas clue washed up in the form of the above video posted to the Quest for the Golden Bananas YouTube account. In it, a salty sea wench discusses the wisdom of Captain Bones and his "blue parrot." This lead players to the AskCaptainBones Twitter account, where the first letter of a series of posts seem to form the second clue phrase PRINCELYGROG.

Clue #03 - Read The Flags

The third Golden Bananas clue came through the official Banana Quest Instagram account. Images surfaced that showed a scene at Key West, FL; in the background, two men could be seen floating on a boat with a series of flags tied between two poles. Like with the clue before it, the meaning behind this clue was spelled out using the first letter of each country represented by the flags. Viewed right-to-left, these spell out the third clue phrase DROPANCHOR.

Clue #04 - Targeted Advertising

The third clue can be found again over on the Banana Quest Instagram account. In a video that circles around the Picadilly Circus, players can spot a few electronic billboards in the background. One of them contains an advertisement for Sea of Thieves itself, and the panel right next the ad contains the fourth clue phrase WURLPOOL.

Clue #05 - Scavenger Hunt

The fifth clue comes in the form of another video posted to the Quest for the Golden Bananas YouTube account. In it, the maiden writes a riddle onto a piece of parchment. The note makes reference to "our Channel" as well as "Port of call at the Inn." This was meant to point players toward the Inn-Side Story video on YouTube. After that, "Watch for Lucky Thirteen" will direct viewer attention to the word search hanging innocently in the background. Completing the word search by circling each word will leave a string of letters behind that together spell the fifth clue phrase NOLEMONSATOLL.

Clue #06 - A Real Runaround

The sixth clue for the Quest for the Golden Bananas once again comes from a YouTube video featuring the stranded maiden, this time writing a note that sort of sounds like gibberish. However, players looking for capital letters will see the name of Mad Jack Splinters, which happens to be a Flickr account with a massive photo of a harbor. Diving deep into the high-resolution photo, players will see a boat (just left of dead-center, in the rear of the harbor) whose name is reflected off the water but not printed on the boat. The name spells the sixth clue phrase DON'TSHUDDER.

Clue #07 - World Record Breaking Clue

The marooned maiden mulls once more in the seventh clue video posted to the Quest for the Golden Bananas website. In it, the young pirate has an unfortunate response to what looks like some oysters before a riddle pops up on screen. Following the capitalized letters leads the player to search for a You Tube video with a World Record Cannon Ball. The resulting video comes from Sea of Thieves, and flashed for a split second at the thirty second mark is the above puzzle.

The puzzle itself is very complicated, but the smart folk over on the Sea of Thieves subreddit have figured it out. The numbers form a cyclonic array of geographical coordinates, and looking at each location from a satellite view shows buildings and other geographical features that form letters. The letters themselves combine to form the seventh clue phrase BEYONDSLITHERTAIL.

When Will The Remaining Quest for the Golden Bananas Clues Be Revealed?

The official website for the Quest for the Golden Bananas promotion details that new clues are set to be released every 3 to 4 hours. With that said, reddit user eggsforsale has taken to the Sea of Thieves subreddit with dates and times for clue reveals that were supposedly pulled straight from the website's source code. The given times are as follows:

• Clue #1, March 19 around 08:10 GMT
• Clue #2, March 19 around 12:10 GMT
• Clue #3, March 19 around 16:10 GMT
• Clue #4, March 19 around 21:10 GMT
• Clue #5, March 20 around 02:10 GMT
• Clue #6, March 20 around 06:10 GMT
• Clue #7, March 20 around 10:10 GMT
• Clue #8, March 20 around 14:10 GMT
• Clue #9, March 20 around 18:10 GMT
• Clue #10, March 20 around 22:10 GMT
• Clue #11, March 21 around 03:10 GMT
• Clue #12, March 21 around 07:10 GMT
• Clue #13, March 21 around 11:10 GMT
• Clue #14, March 21 around 16:10 GMT
• Clue #15, March 21 around 21:10 GMT

After that, the first round of the promotion is set to formally expire around 04:00 GMT on Thursday, March 22, when submissions for The Quest of the Golden Bananas will officially close.

These are all of the Quest of the Golden Banana clues that have been released so far. The latest Sea of Thieves promotion still has two days and 12 general clues remaining, so be sure to check back here frequently as we update with all the newest details as they become available. Beyond that, keep up with the latest in Rare's seafaring adventure by checking out our ever-expanding Sea of Thieves walkthrough and guide.

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