All Achievements in Sea of Thieves

A list of every Achievement you can unlock as you play Sea of Thieves.


A complete list of all the Achievements in Sea of Thieves has been announced by Rare, and it looks like there will be a few challenges available for any pirate looking to claim them all. The Achievements range from advancing through the different levels of the vendors to more unique actions like boarding an enemy ship via a cannon.

All Achievements in Sea of Thieves

There are a total of 60 Achievements to unlock in Sea of Thieves, and they’re all a little bit different from what you’ve come to expect from games. Instead of keeping some Achievements secret and unable to be read, Rare has allowed you to read them all, but there’s a catch, they’re written in riddles. If you want to get your hands on all of the Achievements, you’re going to need to decipher what they mean. However, we’ll be updating this list with information on how to unlock them once we solve the riddles ourselves!

Gameplay Achievements

Now Bring Me That Horizon [10G]

"With the capstan raised and the sails unfurled, 'Now bring me that horizon!' a pirate yelled."

Full Billow [5G]

"When the wind grabs the sails a pirate will hoot, 'Full billow mateys, we are full speed en route!'"

Handbrake Turn [10G]

"When you find yourself needing a new direction, turn hard and weigh anchor to plot a correction."

I Wanna Be a Pirate! [10G]

"Cashing in rewards is always a pleasure, made even better when a number's the measure."

Shopping for a Promotion [5G]

"Even a pirate wants job recognition, so buy a Promotion to show your position."

I'll Drink to That [5G]

"Nothing says being social, like crews drunk down the local."

What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? [10G]

"A tankard or two may make you blue, have a few more and you will surely spew."

#BeMorePirate [5G]

"A new peg leg, an eyepatch, a hat and a hook, maketh the pirate to complete the look."

Aye of Reach [5G]

"Head to the Weaponsmith to extend your Reach, please excuse the pun, it was a figure of speech."

Blundarrrrbuss [5G]

"Visit the Weaponsmith to empty your coffer, we hear there's some buckshot on special offer."

Colourful Sails [5G]

"Many people claim pirates had black sails, visit the Shipwright and she'll prove they're folk tales."

You Fight Like a Merchant [10G]

"Block an attack as you scream 'parlay!', then strike them down to ruin their day."

How Appropriate! You Fight Like a Chicken [10G]

"When an attack is blocked then fret you may, as being counter-struck will ruin your day."

But You Have Heard of Me? [10G]

"Halfway to Mastery is an important occasion, mark it with a Promotion to display jubilation."

Self-Entitled [10G]

"Pirate Titles are earned in many ways, and owning ten will leave enemies agaze."

In Good Company [5G]

"A Trading Company item is great to behold, but upgrade it five times for a beauty untold."

Did Everyone See That? [10G]

"Meeting a rival pirate stood on their ship, will become legend if you send them in for a dip."

Ignoring the Rules of Engagement [15G]

"To shoot from behind is a cowardly act, unless it's with a blunderbuss as matter of fact."

Kraken Good Job [15G]

"A number of tentacles appeared from the ocean, you quelled the beast without showing emotion."

Perfect Dark [15G]

"A lady once sailed through a storm at night, turned off her lights did she to show off her might."

Friends Not Foe [10G]

"A pirate salute proves you follow the Code, then upon you a new friend was gratefully bestowed."

A Titanic Ensemble [10G]

"A pirate once said that when you are sinking, playing some music is more helpful than drinking."

Bone-Cronch [10G]

"Patiently wait for a skeleton to 'cronch', then blow it away to ruin its 'lonch'."

Dead Pirates DO Tell Tales [10G]

"The Ferry of the Damned opened its gates, and a tale you did tell through the circle of eights."

Hold My Grog! [50G]

"To fire oneself and nail a deck landing, requires a good aim and much understanding."

I Don't See Your Ship [20G]

"One thing all pirates do share in common, is the first memory of watching a ship sink to the bottom."

Laden With Treasure [20G]

"If you are of chests aplenty, this achievement unlocks at twenty."

On a Whole New Adventure [10G]

"To be a good crewmate is thinking of others, so vote on a voyage from your sisters or brothers."

Tactical Chunder [20G]

"There is an old saying that to win a sword fight, a tactical chunder will ruin their sight."

When You're a Professional Pirate [20G]

"Being Commended is a pirate's delight, times it by ten and we'll celebrate all night."

You Can Always Trust the Untrustworthy [30G]

"To plunder one's captain is a good ploy, but take it to port to experience the joy!"

Become Pirate Legend [50G]

"Your dedication to piracy shall never be questioned, once you earn the hideout of Pirate Legend."

Legend Achievements

The set of Legend Achievements in Sea of Thieves are based on the exploits of the community as a way to immortalize specific events.

Legends – "Cronch"  [5G] : The Tale Behind the Legend

"The month of June had a legend told, of a Griffin who 'cronched' a banana and was a sight to behold."

Legends – "The Greatest Race in History" [20G] : The Tale Behind the Legend

"Sometimes hostility is not the answer, try racing a ship to see who's the faster."

Legends – "This is Unacceptable!" [25G] : The Tale Behind the Legend

"Give a chest away or have it stolen, once it's cashed in your story is woven."

Legends – "The Skullduggers" [5G] : The Tale Behind the Legend

"A legend was told of a five-piece band, who played shanties together and best witnessed first-hand."

Trading Company Achievements

There are three Trading Companies to work for in Sea of Thieves (Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls) and each of these will have their own Achievements to work toward.

It's a Pirate's Life for Me [5G]

"Into a Golden voyage a dagger was struck, but when voyage was completed you proved your luck."

Master Gold Hoarder [20G]

"The Hoarding of Promotions is one to embellish, to reach the top is a memory to cherish."

Taking Orders [5G]

"From the Captain's table you searched for a hoard, and upon completion you earned the reward."

Master of the Order [20G]

"First scale the heights in the Order of Souls, then to Master the Order is one of the final roles."

I Am Not Obsessed With Treasure [5G]

"A vote for the Alliance was one well placed, completing the voyage will give you a taste."

Master Merchant [20G]

"Becoming a Master Merchant is no doubt vital, so celebrate your reputation with a new-found title."

Commendation Achievements

As you play Sea of Thieves, you’ll begin to unlock various Commendations. These Commendations mark certain accomplishments you’ve made in your journey as a pirate, from sailing for the Gold Hoarder to handing over skull to the Order of Souls. Attached to certain Commendation levels are Achievements that can be unlocked.

Seeker of Lost Maps [10G]

"Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 X Marks the Spot voyages!"

Golden Voyager [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 500 Gold Hoarder voyages completed!"

Sailor of the Gold Horizon [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for sailing 1,000 nautical miles on Gold Hoarder voyages!"

Hoarder of Barnacled Gold [15G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Shipwrecked Chests sold!"

Keeper of a Glittering Hoard [30G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Gold Hoarder voyages!"

Hoarder of the Captain's Gold [50G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Captain's Chests sold!"

Merchant Adventurer [10G]

"Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 Merchant Alliance contracts!"

Merchant Voyager [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 500 Merchant Alliance voyages completed!"

Sailor of the Merchant Alliance [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for sailing 1,000 nautical miles on Merchant Alliance voyages!"

Black Powder Merchant [15G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Gunpowder Kegs delivered on time!"

Merchant Forager [50G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Banana Crates delivered on time!"

Gilded Merchant [30G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Merchant Alliance voyages!"

Seeker of Lost Souls [10G]

"Awarded the Commendation for purchasing 250 Cursed Captain Bounty contracts!"

Voyager of Lost Souls [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 500 Order of Souls voyages completed!"

Sailor of the Whispering Bones [20G]

"Awarded the Commendation for sailing 1,000 nautical miles on Order of Souls voyages!"

Hunter of Cursed Captains [15G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1000 Skeleton Captains defeated!"

Mercenary of the Ancient Order [30G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 150,000 gold earned from Order of Souls voyages!"

Master Hunter of Villainous Skulls [50G]

"Awarded the Commendation for 1,000 Villainous Skulls sold!"

You can read the announcement in its entirety over on the Sea of Thieves site. It’s going to take players quite a while to unlock all 60 Achievements in Sea of Thieves, but with some incredible artwork tied to each piece, it will be well worth the effort. Be sure to check out our Sea of Thieves guide for more tips and tricks for being a pirate.

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