Shack's Arcade Corner: Commando

Run and gun like a boss (or a commando) in this episode of Shacknews' quarter-munching, coin-op series.


Donkey Kong wasn't the first platform game, but it set the genre's mold going forward. Capcom's Commando arguably made as big an impact on run-and-gun scrollers.

Designed by Tokuro Fujiwara--more famous for Sweet Home, an 8-bit survival horror RPG that inspired Resident Evil, and designer of the inaugural Mega Man--Commando casts you in the role of a generic soldier named Super Joe. But who cares? Story takes a backseat to action in run-and-gunners, and Command's got action in spades. The premise is simple: Run around the screen shooting at everything that moves. Instead of fighting bosses at the end of each level, soldiers swarm your avatar, putting your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to the test as you dodge and weave around bullets and grenades.

Commando touched down in arcades in May 1985 but arguably made a bigger splash on the NES, selling 1.1 million copies globally and earning praise from the likes of Computer Gaming World magazine and the "best arcade-style game of the year" at the 1986 Golden Joystick Awards.

Mercs, a sequel, followed in 1989, but today Commando is perhaps more well-known for spawning the Bionic Commando series, where Super Joe puts in a cameo appearance in the inaugural game.

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