How to make Zenny fast - Monster Hunter World

Call it cash, money, or Zenny, but this guide will help you earn it fast in Monster Hunter World.


No matter what you plan to craft in terms of weapons and armor, Zenny is required to get the Smithy to do the job. As you attempt to craft rarer gear, the price goes up. Thankfully, Monster Hunter World isn't shy about giving players lots of Zenny, but if your reserves are running low, here's how you can make it fast.

Last updated on February 25, 2020, at 6:35 p.m. EST.

Make Zenny fast

Zenny Monster Hunter World

The Provisions vendor in Astera is located near the main quest board. The one in Seliana is near the ramp to the Smithy. You have the option to both buy and sell items here, and selling is recommended if you haven’t done so before. My first trip to sell items didn’t occur until about the 70-hour mark of my time with Monster Hunter World, and I made 400,000 Zenny selling things I had no use for, or that I had too many of, such as Dragonite Ore. I sold 85 of my 185 Dragonite Ore, getting an instant 40,800 Zenny. Head to provisions and go through your entire item box, selling what you have too much of, or what is only valuable as a trade-in item. In fact, you can sell all trade-in items with the press of a button while talking to Provisions.

Play Solo for More Zenny

Whatever amount of cash you can earn from a quest is divided by the number of players that you have in there. If there is a 10,000 Zenny reward for a quest, and four people join, your cut is 2,500 Zenny, which isn’t worth getting your palico all dressed up for. If you complete that quest solo, however, you get the full amount of Zenny all to yourself. Find an easy High Rank quest that offers a decent amount of Zenny for completion, then farm it solo. Either that or consider doing much more difficult quests that reward far more Zenny.

Bandit Mantle or Plunderblade

The Bandit Mantle is unlocked by completing an optional quest called Redefining the Power Couple. It requires you to kill a Rathalos and Rathian in the Ancient Forest. Once complete, the Bandit Mantle is yours and, of all  Mantles in Monster Hunter World, you really want this one. Throwing on the Bandit Mantle while you fight a monster causes them to drop rare trade-in items when you attack. Since trade-in items are only good for selling to Provisions, you can earn some money every time you fight. Not only will this benefit you, but also your hunting party since they can pick up the dropped loot as well.

Should you prefer to keep your Mantles for staying alive, there's always the Plunderblade, a nifty Palico Gadget that will have your companion hop onto a monster's back and stab it repeatedly, not unlike the Bandit Mantle. Just be sure to pick the items up off the ground, then head back to one of the Provisions folks and trade them in for some Zenny.

If you put in enough hours and follow my advice, you’ll be swimming in Zenny. Of course, you must first find success during your hunts, and for that, there is the Monster Hunter: World guide to browse through.

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