How To Type to Siri on iOS and macOS

Keep your queries on the quiet side by asking Siri questions through typing instead of talking.


While Apple's signature digital assistant might not be as robust as similar offerings from competitors like Google, Siri still has a place in the homes, hearts, and hands of iOS and macOS users. Part of Siri's charm comes down to its conversational style, where Siri can listen to user's questions and respond with appropriate answers. However, those who prefer typing to talking still have a way to interact with the popular assistance software, and we've got the skinny on how it works.

How to Type to Siri on iOS

Enabling the option to type to Siri on iOS is remarkably easy. First, users need to head to the Settings app, then navigate to the Accessibility option. Once there, scroll down to find the Siri option underneath the Interaction header. Tap on it, then switch the Type to Siri toggle to the active position.

Now that Type to Siri has been activated, users can summon Siri with the usual method of holding the Home button on iPhone 8 or older devices or by pressing and holding the Side button on the iPhone X. After doing so, users will see the familiar Siri prompt, this time accompanied by an on-screen keyboard.

It's worth noting that iPhone users can still make a Siri request the usual way by saying "Hey Siri" or other similar phrases — just be aware that doing so won't necessarily bring up the Type to Siri keyboard function immediately. Instead, the keyboard will appear after Siri waits for a response for a few moments, or by the user tapping on their original Siri request before typing out a new one.

How to Type to Siri on macOS

Siri on macOS has been a staple feature of the operating system for a while now, and thankfully, the process for enabling Type to Siri on macOS is almost identical to the process on iOS. First, click on the Apple button and navigate down to System Preferences. Once there, click on Accessibility, then scroll down to the Siri option. Within the menu, click on the check box for Enable Type to Siri.

Furthermore, since macOS doesn't have any default vocal cues to summon Siri, users can set a special keyboard shortcut for Siri by clicking on the Open Siri Preferences button. Once inside, a keyboard shortcut to the assistant can be defined, as can well as a number of different mic input, language, and Siri voice options. It's here that users can also check an option to show Siri in the macOS menu bar, if they so choose.

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