SXSW 2018: HTC Vive Partners With Devs For Ready Player One VR Arcade Content

There's a diverse collection of Ready Player One inspired experiences appearing at SXSW and a portion of them will be made available to VR arcade operators before the film premiere.


In addition to the virtual version of Ready Player One's zero-gravity club scene created by TheWaveVR, HTC Vive is teaming up with other developers for VR content leading up to the film's release in theaters. From a wave shooter where players defend Ready Player One's virtual world The Oasis to a trip into one of the supporting character's virtual garage, HTC is bringing to life a potential pop culture hit that will inspire more interest in virtual reality.

“’Ready Player One’ has inspired both the current and future state of the VR industry and Vive is in a unique position to deliver on the promise of VR today,” said Joel Breton, GM of Vive Studios. “We’ve brought together a group of our favorite developers to bring content inspired by ‘Ready Player One’ to life in a way that resonates with audiences long after they have left the theater.”

These experiences will be live at SXSW 2018, so look out for impressions from the Shacknews team in the near future. Here's a list of all the experiences bringing Ready Player One to virtual reality, a portion of which will be made available to VR arcade operators.

Battle for the OASIS by Steel Wool Studios

Help to save the OASIS by defeating waves of IOI Sixers. Advance through the trenches of Planet Doom towards the snowy planes that surround Anorak’s Castle. With an arsenal only possible in the OASIS, you must stop IOI from gaining control.

Rise of The Gunters by Drifter Entertainment, Inc.

Fight against a nearly invincible army of highly trained IOI Sixers. Proceed with caution as you defeat Sixers, collect their coins, find power-ups and survive a merciless onslaught of hyper-explosive kinetic action for as long as it takes. The OASIS is yours. Take it back. Battle the IOI by yourself or with up to two fellow Gunters! 

Gauntlet by Directive Games

Navigate through a seemingly endless dungeon while the undead seek to destroy you. Collecting Gold will improve your score and eating food will restore your health, but only your bow skills will ensure that you make it out alive.

Smash by 2 Bears Studio

Enhance your hand and eye coordination in this nod to OASIS creator James Halliday’s favorite `80s arcade games.

Fracture by 2 Bears Studio

Heighten your spatial awareness and reflexes in this throwback to` 80s brick smasher games reimagined in VR.

Aech’s Garage by Sansar

Walk into the extraordinary world of Aech's Garage in VR as interpreted from the original ILM design for Steven Spielberg's “Ready Player One.” Inspired by the virtual universe of the OASIS in 2045, Aech’s Garage represents the culmination of VR as it exists in the year 2018. 

The Distracted Globe Music Experience in TheWaveVR

Step inside the fantastical space inspired by The Distracted Globe zero-gravity dance club scene from “Ready Player One.” TheWaveVR experience will let anyone immerse themselves in the dance club scene with specially designed avatars,`80s visuals and music, plus the ability to fly to the music in zero gravity. Available at SXSW and in participating VR arcades across the country on March 9. Launching on TheWaveVR’s free app on Steam in the U.S. beginning Thursday, March 17 at 9:00 p.m. CT.

Ready Player One: Avatar Creator by Morph 3D

People come to the OASIS for all the things they can do, but they stay for all the things they can be. With millions of permutations, the Avatar Creator lets you create your own highly detailed OASIS persona. Share your custom Avatar with friends and fellow Gunters. 

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