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PC Cult Classic Rocket Jockey Is Being Revived By A New Studio

Strap yourself in and hold on to your butts. Rocket Jockey is back. 


One of the most entertaining PC games of the '90s was from Rocket Science Games. The 1996 title Rocket Jockey saddled players in rocket sleds fitted with grappling hook guns. You never stop moving, but you can change your rocket's speed or trajectory as you sling around each arena and either fly into the stands and explode or drag another jockey off of their sled. It's hilarious, high-octane fun complemented by surf rock from Dick Dale. It was one of my absolute favorite games at the time, and now it's coming back from developer Burn Ward Games. Rocket Jockey's back in the saddle again, it seems.

Burn Ward Games' new vision of the game doesn't use the source code or any assets from the original game, and instead it's been built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4. It's been in development for two years, and it will feature online multiplayer as well as split-screen play for some couch sessions. You can customize your rockets, ride around on walls and ceilings, and pull your enemies off their rockets to your liking.

There are currently three game modes planned, but their names haven't been finalized. Jockey Toss will play much like soccer, but each player acts as the ball, with the more damage you cause making you more valuable in terms of points. Deathmatch is exactly what it sounds like, with the last one standing named the winner. There's a Racing mode as well, which utilizes the grappling hooks. Oh, and just in case you were curious, the surf rock soundtrack is making a comeback, including Dick Dale's smooth surf guitar. Hang ten.

Unfortunately, despite this awesome announcement, there's not a concrete release date planned for the game just yet. Hopefully we'll hear more about the game as the weeks pass, because this is big news for fans of the original cult favorite.

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