NieR Automata Headlines Steam Square Enix Publisher Weekend Sale

Players can find steep discounts on a range of Square Enix titles in the latest Steam publisher weekend sale.


One of the biggest joys and greatest sorrows of using Steam is the ready availability of cut-price video games. Even when the likes of seasonal sales aren't wrecking our wallets, smaller sales crop up on the service all the time, presenting discounts that are often too hard to refuse. Today is no exception, as Square Enix and Steam have gotten together for a weekend publisher sale that's presenting discounts of up to 86% on classic JRPGs, action blockbusters, and a handful fan-favorite games of years past.

The Biggest Games In The Square Enix Weekend Steam Sale

The current Square Enix Steam publisher sale has come out full-force with substantial discounts on big titles. Players who like to stay fresh on the latest titles will note the following discounts on big-name games:

• NieR Automata - $29.99 (50% discount)
• Life is Strange: Before the Storm - $9.85 (42% discount)
• Rise of the Tomb Raider - $19.79 (67% discount)
• Just Cause 3 - $7.49 (75% discount)
• Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - $5.99 (80% discount)
• Final Fantasy XIV Online Stormblood DLC - $19.99 (50% discount)

In addition to these offers, Square Enix has also listed a number of Final Fantasy titles with something to be found for fans of any generation of the longrunning series. Final Fantasy III all the way through Final Fantasy XIII-2, as well as Lightning Returns, Type-0 HD, and World of Final Fantasy have all been given 50% discounts. Fans of the classic Square JRPG series can pick up the updated versions of the 32-bit PlayStation games for under $8 each, with the exclusiion of Final Fantasy IX, which is on offer for $10.49.

Other Noteworthy Square Enix Weekend Sales

The current Square Enix sale has several more options for JRPG fans beyond Final Fantasy — Dragon Quest Warriors is marked down 40 percent, the 4K Star Ocean: The Last Hope remaster is marked down 30 percent, I am Setsuna is half-off, and recent Tokyo RPG Factory release Lost Sphear is currently 30 percent off.

There's also a big push to move Tomb Raider games, with the series getting discounts like 85 percent off Tomb Raider's Game of the Year Edition, 85 percent off the glorious isometric action title Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and 75 percent off Lara Croft GO. Fans can also pick up each of the original Tomb Raider titles for just 97 cents each.

Beyond these, there are several other solid if not interested sales going on. We've listed some standout choices below, but players can browse through the whole list by heading over to the Square Enix publisher weekend Steam sale webpage.

• Just Cause - $0.97 (86% discount)
• Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - $0.97 (86% discount)
• Thief 2: The Metal Age - $0.97 (86% discount)
• Mini NInjas - $1.49 (85% discount)
• Hitman GO - $1.99 (75% discount)
• Just Cause 2 - $2.99  (80% discount)
• Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - $2.99  (85% discount)
• Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - $4.49 (85% discount)
• The Last Remnant - $4.99 (85% discount)
• The Turing Test - $5.99 (70% discount)
• Daikatana - $0.97 (86% discount)

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