Where to Get Horse Armor in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Protect your horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance by finding and equipping horse armor.


A horse is an expensive asset in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is why it’s important you know where to get horse armor so you can protect it and keep it safe from harm. Just like you can equip Henry with armor to keep him from harm during combat, so can you protect your horse's head with armor, and there might just be some more horse body armor out there to find.

Where to Find Horse Armor

At first, it will appear as if the only thing you can get for your horse is lovely attire, a saddlebag, a saddle, and maybe some proper shoes, but there is a way you can get your hands on a piece of armor. Right now, the only piece of armor the community has managed to find will protect your horses head. This is obviously better than nothing!

To locate the horse head armor, you will need to find a cliff that is near Ledetchko. Start by making your way to Ledetchko and then travel north along the thin river. Check the map to spot a cliff to the east and then head into the forest, being sure to aim for this cliff.

You’re going to want to approach the cliff’s edge, and if you’ve got a horse with you, leave it a bit further back so it doesn’t fall off. You should consider saving at this point, as the next step is extremely risky and could result in you falling off the cliff and dying. Halfway down the cliff is a giant nest containing your reward, you will need to carefully make your way down the cliff until you reach this nest.

Collect your horse head armor from the nest and then put it on your horse to increase its protection!

Horse Body Armor

There is currently no known horse body armor in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game is still pretty new, and the map is impressively large, so there’s good reason to believe that not all the secrets have been found.

While we wait to find the horse body armor, consider hunting down all the treasure in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, as this is an excellent way of getting rich quick. Be sure to swing by our Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide for more insight and tips, including guides for specific quests.

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