Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Highborn or Lowborn

Picking Highborn or Lowborn in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an important decision which will affect how you interact with people.


When your level increases in Kingdom Come: Deliverance you’ll be able to select new perks that will help you in specific areas. For the Speech skill, you will eventually face the ultimate decision, whether to choose Highborn or Lowborn. Depending what option you choose will have an immediate and noticeable effect on how people of varying wealth interact with Henry.

Which Perk to Choose: Highborn or Lowborn

Your Speech skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance dictates how well Henry can converse with other characters, whether that’s talking himself out of a tough situation or trying to get friendly with someone. Every four levels, you will receive an additional Speech perk point for use.

There are two perks that could cause you a moment to pause, and those are Highborn and Lowborn. While both perks have their benefits, the choice you make will be dependent on the character you’re building and your particular playstyle.

  • Highborn – Increases your Speech by 3+ when talking with nobles and other wealthy people.
  • Lowborn – Increases your Speech by 3+ when speaking with peasants and other commoners.

You cannot have the Highborn and Lowborn perks at the same time, so the decision you make will be permanent and cannot be reversed. One thing to consider is that lowborn characters are able to be impressed by fine clothing and shiny armor, while highborn people need significantly more intrinsic qualities to be impressed.

This is why it’s a good idea to choose the Highborn perk, as speaking with royalty and the wealthy is difficult, even if you’re wearing fancy clothes. On the flip side, you will most likely spend your time speaking with commoners, as they are far more prolific than the wealthy. Picking Highborn will make your life easier, however, if you want to stick to a more realistic take on Kingdom Come: Deliverance, picking Lowborn makes sense given the fact Henry is a simple commoner.

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