Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Unexpected Visit Quest Guide

A complete walkthrough of the first quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Unexpected Visit.


The very first quest you will receive in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is called Unexpected Visit, a relatively simple mission with quite a few components. However, considering this is your first steps in the world of KCD, you’re going to feel like you must cover everything perfectly. If you’re worried about a certain step, such as confronting Kunesh for the money, we’ve got you covered.

Unexpected Visit, Quest Guide

The Unexpected Visit quest tasks you with five steps, but each of these will expand as you encounter a problem. While you can choose to do them in any order you please, a couple of them must be done sequentially.

The main tasks given to you for this quest are:

  • Get the money from the drunkard Kunesh
  • Buy 10 Charcoal from the market
  • Collect the sword cross-guard and pommel
  • Train with the mercenary
  • Bring your father cold ale

Collect the Cross-guard

By far the easiest step of them all is to collect the cross-guard from the soldiers stationed at the castle entrance. Simply walk up and speak with the guards, and after a bit of banter, you will receive the cross-guard and pommel (though the game will only say cross-guard).

Train Sword Fighting with the Mercenary

Another step that you can do at any time is to train with the mercenary, but doing it first will teach you how to fight. You can meet the mercenary down in the main market street, speak with him and he’ll head off to the fighting ring. Follow him up to the ring and speak to him again when you’re ready to practice.

How to Get the Money from Kunesh

Now that you’ve got the basics of combat down, you can go and confront Kunesh about the money he owes Henry’s father. No matter what course of action you take, you’re going to end up in a fist fight. If you fight well and win, you’ll receive the keys, if you lose, you’ll need to get your wounds healed from your mother. At this point there are three options, sneak up and attack Kunesh from behind and loot his body for the key, go and get help from your friends at the tavern, or get a lockpick and steal his stuff.

Find Friends at the Tavern

This is a sub-task to receiving payment from Kunesh. Head to the tavern in the middle of the market and you’ll see a heated discussion about the royalty, with your friends standing nearby listening. Speaking to your friends will give you the option to help them throw manure at the man’s house with the promise that they’ll help you. We chose to assist, on the basis they would help us. Unfortunately, throwing dung will lower your reputation.

Head to Deutsch’s house, speak with his wife to send her away, and then enjoy the cutscene of the poop-throwing. Some other German’s will appear, fight them, and then run away. Head back to Kunesh’s house and wait for your friends behind the shed. At this point, you can speak with Fritz before he reaches the shed to get some lock picks, which is extremely handy if you want to pick locks in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Beating Up Kunesh

Speak with your friends behind the shed and ask them to help you with Kunesh. They’ll walk out and confront him, enjoy punching him upside the head for the way he spoke to you earlier. He’ll yield and give you a key to the chest in his house. Take the axe from the chopping block, and the hammer nails from the chest to sell.

Buying Charcoal and Selling Goods

Now that you have the items from Kunesh, you can sell them and buy the charcoal for your father. Go to the merchant and speak with him. You can either choose to sell all your items and buy the charcoal at the same time, or do them separately. This is also a good opportunity to learn how to haggle, which could allow you to walk away with a few spare pennies for later use.

Collect Ale for Father

The final task you must do is to collect the ale from the tavern for your father. Doing this last means that the ale will stay cool, an important aspect of the request. Go to the tavern and look for Bianca, you can choose to be a bit flirty with her, she will respond in part. After receiving the ale, Bianca will also give you some special schnapps, an item you must use in order to save your game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Take the ale and then hurry back to your father.

Speak with Henry’s Father

With all the tasks completed, speak with Henry’s father. You’ll enter a long cutscene where you’ll get chastised for throwing manure at Deutsch’s house (if you chose to do so), and you’ll help forge the sword.

Fetch the Nails for Theresa

Another task will pop up, requiring you to go and fetch the nails from the house for Theresa. Go inside the house, find the chest in the living quarters, collect the nails, and give them to Theresa. With that complete, the cutscene will continue and the quest will end.

The Unexpected Visit quest should give you a good insight into the level of complexity you can expect from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If at any point you aren’t happy with the outcome of a quest, you can load up your save, but keep in mind you’ll have to redo all your actions and decisions. Swing by our guide hub for more Kingdom Come: Deliverance information.

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