Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Nest of Vipers Guide

Players will need to practice both stealth and discretion in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance quest Nest of Vipers.


After finishing up the events of the My Friend Timmy quest, Kingdom Come: Deliverance players will note that the Nest of Vipers mission has been automatically activated. Within this quest, the hero will be tasked with seeking out a bandit camp and scouting out opposition therein through the use of stealth, a disguise, or good old-fashioned bravado.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Nest of Vipers Walkthrough

Now that the protagonist has gathered crucial information from Timmy in the previous mission, a new waypoint will appear on the in-game map. The marked location will point the player toward a bandit camp that needs to be located and then scouted. Simply follow Timmy's clues and search around the area until the camp is found — you'll know when its been located if a new objective pops up on screen. Alternatively, players can skip the search by heading straight toward the area indicated on the map below.

Outside the gates of the bandit camp, the player will need to gather information to bring back to Sir Radzig. Start by checking around the destroyed wooden houses littering the camp to find some initial details. Players should also be able to ride through the camp to gather extra information by circling around between the gates and the bridges; just be sure not to stay too long or engage any of the enemies in combat. Alternatively, the player can either kill one of the nearby Cumans or find the easy locked chest near the northern entrance to nab a Cuman outfit to make scouting easier.

At this point players will have the optional objective to sabotage the bandits' food and arrows. While not necessary, players who like their action a little on the devious side can feel free to comb the camp and poison all of the food stores. Be aware that doing so will most likely result in a large-scale fight that they'll have to run away from. On the other hand, skipping the objectives will make little difference in the outcome of the following battle, so it may just be easier to err on the side of caution.

Once the proper amount of information has been gathered, head back to Sir Radzig and report the findings. In order to get the best results in the following battle, players will want to use the following dialog choices with Radzig:

• You've returned from scouting
• The camp is in some overgrown ruins
• You tried to count their numbers, and there's a lot of them
• Say there are bandits there, then say there are Cumans there
• Inform Radzig of their arms and armor
• Lastly, state that the bandits are well-positioned and are building ladders.

With all that out of the way, Sir Radzig will send the hero to ask Sir Divish of Talmberg for reinforcements in the coming battle. If they're ready, players can jump straight into the battle; if not, saying that you need some time to prepare will offer the chance to stock up on provisions like a strong bow and powerful arrows, the likes of which will make the conflict go much more smoothly.

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