Rep Team Rainbow Rocket With New Outfits Available in Pokemon Go

Be the most stylish player around with your new Rainbow Rocket digs.


Niantic is still adding plenty of new content to Pokémon Go, with new goodies injected into the game here and there on a regular basis. The latest in-game merch you can spend your hard-earned Poké Coins on is a new set of clothing you can outfit your trainer with. Because nothing says you're stylin' and profilin' out there in the Pokémon Go world more than some new digs.

These aren't just any new outfits, either. They're Team Rainbow Rocket outfits, based on the same ones seen in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. The all-black outfits have rainbow "Rs" on the chest like the classic outfits from the anime and game series, and they look a lot cooler than they used to. Show your support for the rebellious Team Rainbow Rocket by picking up the outfits and you'll be one of the coolest players out there.

The Team Rainbow Rocket hat will set you back 100 Poké Coins, and the Team Rainbow Rocket top is 400 Poké Coins. You only need to pony up 50 Poké Coins for the pants, and 200 Poké Coins for the boots. These prices are strange, as pants usually cost more than hats in the real world. But that may be how things work in Pokémon Go, after all.

If you're looking for some new outfits to work toward in the game, you might want to spring for these stylish new clothes. Go ahead, rep Team Rainbow Rocket. No one's going to judge you.

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