Gamevice Introduces Minecraft Edition Bundle

Show the world how much you love Minecraft with a new Gamevice bundled with everything you need to enjoy mining on the go. 


Gamevice, manufacturer of popular tactile mobile controllers, just launched a brand new Minecraft-centric bundle for fans of the franchise. The Gamevice Minecraft Bundle is available for $89.95 on Amazon and certain retailers across North America today, and if you're a fan of the sandbox title, you might consider nabbing the bundle to get your Minecraft on the go the best way possible.

The bundle includes a special Minecraft-themed carrying case as well as a code to download the iOS version of Minecraft. No matter how you choose to play, you can use a real controller to help make playing the game feel a little more comfortable. Minecraft's mobile controls are decent on their own, but there's no harm in spicing things up with a controller you can actually hold in your hands.

Essentially, the Gamevice connects via lightning cable to create an MFi certified dual analog stick controller that you can snap onto the device of your choice. It's meant to transcend those sometimes wonky touch controls that can take a potentially positive gaming experience and turn them into an exercise in frustration.

The Gamevice Minecraft Bundle is available for iPhone models beginning with the iPhone 6/6 Plus through iPhone X and everything in between, so if you decided to take the plunge and upgrade, you can still use the controller. You can also utilize it with Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge phones. If you've got iPad models that are in dire need of tactile controllers, you can use it there, too.

Minecraft is very much a game that you'd probably prefer to use a controller with, so bundling the game and the controller together is a smart idea. Look for a review of the controller here at Shacknews soon.

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