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Monster Hunter World - Arena Coins

Learn how to get Arena Coins and how to use them in Monster Hunter World.


The Arena is one of the many optional activities in Monster Hunter World, offering players a chance to take on a specific monster to earn some loot, with the hopes of receiving an Arena Coin. These special coins are difficult to come by, and are critical if you want to gain access to all armor sets in the game.

How to Get Arena Coins

Arena Coins - Monster Hunter World
You'll need to head to the Arena to get started earning Arena Coins.

Firstly, these Arena quests are not to be confused with the Arena quests found in the “Optional” section of the Quest Board. Arena quests are found in the Gathering Hub by talking with the Arena Lass at the Arena Counter.

This version of the Arena gives you five loadout options to use during your fight. It can be a good idea to stick with a weapon you’re familiar with, especially if you’re looking to farm Arena Coins. However, this is the perfect opportunity to try out new, high-rarity weapons.

How to get Arena Coins - Monster Hunter World
Defeat monsters in the Arena and you'll be rewarded with Arena Coins at the end of the event.

Arena Coins are awarded upon successfully defeating a monster in the arena. Though you may not be guaranteed an Arena Coin, slaying the monster as fast as possible is the best option, as you will earn yourself better rewards. Typically, you will receive a monster-specific Arena Coin: killing a Pukei-Pukei may earn you the Pukei Coin. As you can see in the image, I performed terribly (almost 18 minutes), earned a C, and still secured a Gama Coin and Hunter King Coin. Your results may vary.

What Are Arena Coins For?

Monster Hunter World - What are Arena coins for?
Arena Coins can be used to craft unique armor and weapons.

Arena Coins are a material used to craft unique armor and weapons that can only be discovered through playing the arena. To craft this armor, head to the Workshop and speak with the Smithy. Obviously, you must ensure you have the correct materials in order to craft these items.

There is a Low Rank set of armor and a High Rank set of armor you can acquire by finishing the Arena missions. In order to unlock the Low Rank, you will need to complete either the Limited quest or one of the beginner quests. The High Rank armor is locked behind the completion of a High Rank Arena fight.

You will need to continue playing and completing missions in the Arena in order to get more Arena Coins if you want to craft all the armor sets. The more difficult the missions, and the faster you complete them, the better your rewards will be. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter World guide for more information and tips!

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