New Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animals Teased via Twitter

It looks like the popular Animal Crossing mobile game could be seeing some new additions in the future, thanks to this official tweet.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp may be welcoming five new animals into a camp near you, according to a new tweet from the game's official Japanese Twitter account. Early this morning, a tweet was posted with an image of five new silhouettes, each with a bold piece of clothing on and what appear to be a deer, octopus, koala, fox/wolf, and rabbit. Of course, that could be totally off and they could be completely different animals. See for yourself in the tweet below.

The tweet is prefaced with the words "new information" and reads something like "In the near future, people are going to go camping so who is this silhouette?" That's an approximate machine translation, but obviously some new faces are being teased here. A gyroid is on hand here to let us know the news, but there isn't a lot of information here to go by.

No date, no specifics, no nothing -- but at least we have some sort of idea what may be coming to the game soon. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp continues to see regular updates in the form of events, items, and new campers, so it's great to see additional content like this being teased. As far as what it means right now for Western players, however, that's not immediately clear. We'll likely see more information rolling out about the new campers in the coming days, so best to stay patient for now.

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