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Horned Tyrant Below the Sands - Monster Hunter World

If you wish to progress through Monster Hunter World, you must learn how to kill or capture Diablos in Horned Tyrant Below the Sands.


In Monster Hunter World, every monster has its weakness. On the lower end of the food chain, some monsters have many weaknesses, meaning it’s not overly important to plan your loadout or put a lot of care into your approach. As you work you way up the food chain, however, you’ll run into a formidable foe called Diablos. This is likely to be a part of the assigned quest, Horned Tyrant Below the Sands in Wildspire Waste. Here’s how to kill Diablos, the toughest monster you’ve encountered to date.

Last updated on March 3, 2020, at 1:59 p.m. EST.

Diablos Weaknesses

Diablos Weakness Monster Hunter World

Killing Diablos begins long before you swing a stick of fire a weapon. It begins in Wildspire Waste, where you will need to find signs of the great beast. I recommend loading into the Horned Tyrant Below the Sands quest and investigating signs of the monster in the area. As you collect evidence, you’ll further your research level with Diablos, unlocking vital information about how to defeat this monster. Of course, you very well may bump into Diablos as you’re poking around. That’s fine, give the fight a go and see how you do. Part of getting better is gaining experience.

As you increase your research level with Diablos, you'll unlock vital information that will help you hunt it:


  • Fire - Immune
  • Water - Weakness x 2
  • Thunder - Weakness x 1
  • Ice - Weakness x 3
  • Dragon - Weakness x 2


  • Poison - Weakness x 2
  • Sleep - Weakness x 2
  • Paralysis - Weakness x 3
  • Blast - Weakness x 2
  • Stun - Weakness x 1

Diablos - The Strategy

The Diablos fight in Wildspire Waste will take place in three general areas. Expect to fight in the caves, in the hills near the quicksand, and near some cliffs with a ditch between the two ledges. The worst part of the fight will be in the caves, since your area to operate is restricted, and you can’t use the hills or cliffs to your advantage.

Diablos will come at you with various attacks. The worst of them is a charge attack that puts its horns through your soul. This attack can take out huge rocks and walls, so don’t get hit by it. Diablos also likes to tunnel underground, popping up and launching anyone near into the air. If either of these attacks catches you clean, expect to faint depending on your loadout. More standard attacks from Diablos include swinging its tail and head, both of which can hurt you but probably won’t cause you to faint at full health. When Diablos does burrow underground, use Screamer Pods to flush it out safely.

If you have four players, make sure that you group is somewhat separated so that no single attack from Diablos can take out multiple members. I prefer fighting near the cliffs, allowing me to climb up and jump off so I can attempt to mount the monster. In the hills, I tend to sprint and slide down the slopes, attacking as I get close to Diablos and unleashing powerful combinations. In the caves, I just pick my spots and make sure that I’m not taking damage or fainting.

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