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Intel Wants To Sell Major Stake In AR Division

The tech giant wants to court investors with strong sales channels and AR expertise. 


The augmented and virtual reality markets have experienced and will continue to experience immense growth as more companies dip into the industry, but a major tech entity may be parting ways with their stake in the immersive technologies. Intel values their AR division at as much as $350 million, according to unknown sources, and is seeking multiple investors for a pair of spectacles that may be released this year.

The news comes via Bloomberg Technology and describes an upcoming set of AR smart glasses that pairs with mobile phones via Bluetooth. Taiwanese company Quanta Computer Inc. is making the product, which is internally known as Superlite. There aren't any additional details to be ascertained at this time, but the name hopefully means Quanta found a way to make a comfortable pair of AR smart glasses. Form factor is a huge obstacle in the AR wearable industry and the first to overcome it will have leg up on the competition.

In our massive game and tech trader article, Intel was labeled as a "Sell" with this breakdown:

Intel is another company that missed the smartphone revolution. They stubbornly stuck to their Atom chip architecture at a time when everyone was running to ARM-powered SOCs. The company is in a commodity business but has insanely high margins at the same time. Gross margins above 60% are not sustainable and it is only a matter of time before the semiconductor cycle turns on them. Intel justly trades at a discount to the market as their revenue growth slows to a snail's pace. It is only a matter of time for the company to report disappointing earnings, revenues, or margins that could potentially clobber the stock. The company recently announced a massive security flaw in their chips that will probably affect operations in the near term. Don't buy Intel. AMD or NVIDIA are better bets in the chip space. Intel is no longer the best-in-class in the semiconductor sector, and investors should steer clear. The stock could be a potential short sell candidate if the fundamental story breaks down in the near term. 

Disclaimer from the article that featured the above text: Investors should do their own research or consult their advisor before acting on this information. This is an educational article and investors should consider each recommendation based on their own risk tolerance and suitability.

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