Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - How to Unlock Summons, Moves, Memoria, and More

Learn how to rack up new summons, moves, and more in this guide to unlocking new goodies in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has plenty of things to unlock, especially if you're a fan of the series as a whole. You can find new Summons, treasures, chat messages to share with other players, and tons of other goodies that you can use to further customize your team and your personal Dissidia Final Fantasy NT experience. Of course, you can't just start digging into the game and purchasing these things with premium currency or anything like that. You've got to actually play the game! If you want to unlock more items, you've got to spend a lot of time on the battlefield. Here's how you can unlock everything in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, including new EX Moves, HP Attacks, and Memoria to use in Story Mode.

How to Unlock Treasure, Moves, Summons, Memoria, and More

To unlock items in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you must raise your Player Level and your Character Level. These are denoted by "P. Level" and "C. Level" in the in-game menus. No matter whether you play online or offline matches or if you want to spend time in Gauntlet Matches, you'll earn more experience points. These are awarded based on your performance during battle. The more you earn, the more you get. You can lay online matches if you want to, but it's a lot quicker for you to simply blaze through offline fights if you want to amass more points and therefore skills and items in the end. 

When you raise your Player Level, you’ll be rewarded with new EX Moves. This all depends on the character you were using during each battle, however, so if you want more moves for Noctis, make sure you’re playing as him. For each four Player Levels you earn, you’ll get new Summon. Similarly, when you increase your Character Level you’ll get new HP Attacks and chat messages.

Story Mode unlocks are a little different. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Story Mode is very unorthodox and unlike the others you may have experienced in similar games. You have to spend a special currency called Memoria to view cut scenes placed throughout Story Mode and to complete story battles. You only get Memoria when you earn Player Levels.

You can also get treasure boxes, or loot boxes that don’t actually cost you anything. Inside treasure boxes you’ll find items like skins, portraits, music, and more. These aren’t as important in the grand scheme of things, but they’re still useful if you want to outfit your battle party the way you'd like to. 

This is basically all you need to know about unlocking items in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. It's a lot easier than it seems, so get out there and start owning the battlefield!

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