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God of War: A Call From The Wilds Available Now on Facebook Messenger

This choose-your-own-adventure experience finds a home within Facebook messenger and unlocks art from the upcoming game.


Facebook and Sony have teamed up for a text adventure set in the world of God of War. Titled Call From The Wilds, the experience casts players in the role of Kratos' son Atreus. Atreus will be a major component of the upcoming God of War's story and gameplay, as he's able to assist Kratos in combat. This tale, however, focuses on Atreus' own growth and experiences as he ventures out.

We're still working our way through Call From The Wilds but, once you complete the choose-your-own-path adventure without dying, you'll gain access to eight pieces of collectible God of War artwork.

Early on, God of War: Call From The Wilds establishes a layer of depth that players may not expect going into it. Your environments are flush with interactive elements and you must maneuver in a way that makes sense in order to progress. For example, you're aware there's a book near an open window. You can't simply say "read the book" without having picked it up first. Below are a few screenshots so you can see for yourself. God of War arrives April 20 on PS4 and there's a Stone Mason Collector's Edition you may want to check out.

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