Players Create Their Own PUBG Map Selection By Deleting Miramar Desert Level

Reddit users have found a way to only play on the original Erangel map and it involves some file manipulation.


There was a lot of excitement for the desert map, now called Miramar, before it launched into the test servers for PUBG. The excitement seemed to peak when it was also paired with the new vaulting mechanics and served as a sign of things to come for the survival shooter, but the love for Miramar has turned sour. Players are preempting the inevitable map selection update from PUBG Corp by deleting specific files so they don't have to play on the desert map...and it's working.

Reported by VG24/7, a few Reddit users have been working on ways to skip Miramar and only play on the original Erangel map. The options include deleting or renaming Miramar files in the game's directory. Doing this forces the game to quit back to the lobby immediately if Miramar is chosen, saving yourself the time needed to do it yourself after loading into the lobby to see which map was selected. Tips for how to do it are in the original post and a link to an app that does it for you can be found here.

PUBG Corp better act quickly so the stability of the overall game isn't impacted. They should also pay attention to feedback for Miramar while working on potential future maps added to the immensely popular shooter. 

Whether we love the new map or not, the Shacknews SCRUBG squad got some chicken dinner on Miramar. Take a look below.

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