Monster Hunter World - What Do Lucky Vouchers Do?

Learn how to get your hands on more Lucky Vouchers and exactly what they do in Monster Hunter World.


Whenever you log into Monster Hunter World, you might notice that you receive something called a Lucky Voucher, and you may find yourself wondering what do Lucky Vouchers do, and how can you use them? It can be easy to miss among all the other tutorial screens, but Lucky Vouchers serve a unique purpose. You should make certain to use them whenever you can, because their effects will benefit you greatly.

What Do Lucky Vouchers Do?

Lucky Vouchers are single-use items which guarantee that the random quest rewards will drop. This means that, a reward which might drop from completing a quest is instead definitely going to drop. Furthermore, Lucky Vouchers double the reward money you receive upon quest completion. This is a valuable commodity, as finding some of the rarer reward items becomes difficult in the late-game. It's a good idea to use Lucky Vouchers on High Rank Quests, as they will naturally earn you more rewards.

monster hunter world what do lucky vouchers do
Lucky Vouchers increase the rewards you receive from quests.

To use a Lucky Voucher, head to the nearest Quest Board and go through the motions of submitting a quest. When you reach the “Accept this quest?” screen, you will be able to see the Lucky Vouchers you own and toggle on or off whether you want to use one on that given quest. You can even use vouchers when playing Monster Hunter World co-op with a friend.

Lucky Vouchers can also be used at the Canteen in exchange for a meal, this alleviates the cost of using Research Points or Zenny, but it does mean you forfeit your guaranteed drop upon quest completion.

monster hunter world lucky voucher login bonus
Each day you login you will receive a Lucky Voucher.

In order to collect Lucky Vouchers, simply login to Monster Hunter World each day, and once you reach Astera, you’ll notice a prompt on the bottom-right of you screen that reads: “Login Bonus: Get your login bonus”. Press the corresponding button to receive your Bonus Item, as well as a Lucky Voucher.

Keep in mind; you can only carry five Lucky Vouchers at once, so it’s not worth holding on to them for too long. A good practice is to use them on high-level quests you know you can complete, as this will help you collect those rare and valuable upgrade materials. In the event you can’t log in each day for the Login Bonus, you can collect five days’ worth of Vouchers in one go – so if you can only log in on a Friday, grab your Vouchers and use them up!

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