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Monster Hunter World - Where to Find Earth Crystal

How to get your hands on the upgrade material, Earth Crystal, in Monster Hunter World.


Upgrading your weapon is one of the few ways of increasing your damage output in Monster Hunter World, which is why it’s critical you know where to find the items you need. One item that might go unfound for a while is the Earth Crystal, a material that is required in a lot of weapons if you want to increase them over Level 2.

Where to Find Earth Crystal

Monster Hunter World Earth Crystal resources

The Earth Crystal is likely going to be the third form of material you require if you want to continue down the Ore Tree. For a weapon like the Proto Commission Axe to reach Level 3, it needs two Earth Crystals, two Machalite Ore, and five Iron Ore.

To find Earth Crystal, you need to progress through the main story until you unlock the Assigned quest called, The Best Kind of Quest. This mission takes you to the Wildspire Waste, where you will find ample Earth Crystal. This material takes on the same appearance as Mining Outcrops in the Ancient Forest: blue crystals poking out of the ground.

earth crystal monster hunter world

Mining these deposits in Wildspire Waste will reward you with Iron Ore, and if you’re lucky, Earth Crystal. You can find a few of these Mining Outcrops in Level 1, Area 13, which is located in the top-right corner of the map.

Take your time to collect as much Earth Crystal as you can, as you may find yourself needing to upgrade a few weapons in Monster Hunter World. Be sure to stop by our Monster Hunter World Guide for more walkthroughs, tips, and explanations on how things work.

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