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Seven Fighters Missing From Dragon Ball FighterZ

Greg Burke chimes in with some fighters he would have liked to see in the brand new Dragon Ball FighterZ video game.


Today is the release of the highly praised Dragon Ball FighterZ, and even though the game is getting stellar reviews there are still some glaring fighters missing from the game's roster. 

Goten & Kid Trunks

While the inclusion of Gotenks is nice, having Goku’s youngest son playable would’ve been appreciated. The game has adult Trunks already, but the devs could include the kid version as a partner to Goten, similar to that of Android 18’s gameplay with Android 17.


The most requested character via the Dragon Ball subreddit, Frieza’s brother is completely absent from the roster of FighterZ. From a design standpoint the Non-Robotic Cooler looks fantastic and it’s criminal that he didn’t make the cut. Perhaps Cooler will make an appearance in future DLC?

Android 19

Yes almost all the Androids from the show made the cut, aside from Androids 13-15. It would have been kind of cool to see this odd ball character enter the arena. In older fighter DBZ games, the Android characters couldn’t charge Ki (energy) and it would be interesting to see android 19 and 20's energy-absorbing technique come into play in Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

Any of the Kais

North, West, East, South Kais as well as Supreme. Even King Kai would have been a great ,albeit abstract, character addition to the roster of FighterZ. We’ve only seen many of the Kais fight (we’ve never seen King Kai fight at all) in flashbacks, but it would be an interesting to see what Arc System Works would be able to do with these characters.

Mr. Satan

Dan is to Street Fighter as Hercule is to Dragon Ball Z. Yes, he’d be a joke character but the funny antics of Mr. Satan would make for some great mechanics and super moves. It would be awesome to see him included in the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.


Although Dragon Ball FighterZ is full of Saiyans already, another one couldn’t hurt. He's the first villain to be featured in the Dragon Ball Z universe and is Goku’s brother. It took the power of both Piccolo and Goku to defeat him. His omission in the game isn’t terrible as we have a boat load of Saiyan warriors already, but it would be great for Raditz to make an appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


That fact that he’s absent from the fighting roster is a crime against Dragon Ball Z universe. Currently Nappa and Fat Buu are the only “big” fighters in the game. Adding Broly would open up more diversity, since the shear size of him is ludicrous. Not sure why he isn’t in the game, but he needs to be added to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

One More Thing: Costumes/Cosmetics 

If there is one terrible omission in Dragon Ball FighterZ it’s the lack of fighter costumes. Goku’s costume has changed multiple times and so has Vegeta's outfit. The color changes options are nice, but it would’ve been great to see Trunks in Sayian training armor, or a battle-damaged Goku, red shirt Krillin or Great Saiyaman. The list goes on we can only hope Dragon Ball Fighterz adds additional cosmetic features and costumes if the game is a success.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available on PS4, PC & Xbox.

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