Detective Pikachu Is On The Case On Nintendo 3DS This March

Investigate a missing persons case with the cutest detective around. 


At long last, we'll finally be able to solve crimes with Pikachu, as Nintendo has announced the western release of Detective Pikachu on Nintendo 3DS. The game's set to receive a physical and digital release March 23, 2018, and it's about time that it finally finds a home. We've only been clamoring for some investigative hijinks with the most popular Pokémon around since the game was originally announced, after all.

Detective Pikachu follows a whippersnapper who goes by the name of Tim Goodman, who's trying to crack the case behind the disappearance of his missing father. He isn't doing it alone, of course, with the gritty, coffee-addicted Detective Pikachu at his side.

You and the talking Pikachu will team up to check out Ryme City, question witnesses, and collect clues to figure out what exactly happened to Tim's dad. Amazingly, Detective Pikachu apparently worked with Tim's father, so that's...something.

You get all the original chapters from the 2016 Japanese release from the Nintendo eShop with this western version of the game, but it also adds new content with expanded story content as well as new locations and characters to interact with. This version also comes with an Easy Mode where Detective Pikachu can offer up helpful hints.

In addition to the game, a Detective Pikachu amiibo is coming soon as well alongside the game when it launches. It's a little bigger than a regular amiibo figure and can help unlock content in-game to assist you in solving cases.

Check out the trailer and let us know if you're as hyped for the upcoming set of case files as we are. If we have to put up with a Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds, we should have the game, at the very least. 

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