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Destiny 2 - How to Play Hockey

The Dawning has brought more than just snow to Destiny 2, it also brought hockey!


The Dawning has been a peculiar beast for Destiny 2 players everywhere. There’s been a lot of snow, a lot of presents and engrams, and plenty of items to pick up from Tess Everis. Probably the most underappreciated activities that was added over the silly season was hockey. If you've yet to jump on the ice and play a game of hockey, make sure to take a moment to play while The Dawning event is still going.

How to Play Hockey

On the Farm and in the Tower are a couple of large, open areas where players can congregate and partake in a friendly game of soccer – or football. In the Farm, the field has received a snowy upgrade with snow bunkers and snowballs for the perfect snowball fight, but over in the Tower the field in the Hangar has been upgraded to a hockey rink.

To play hockey in Destiny 2, you will need to load into the Tower and head left toward the Hangar. This is where you’ll typically speak with Cayde-6 for his treasure maps, Lakshmi-2 of Future War Cult or Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit during the Faction Rallies.

When you reach the Hangar, look across to the space and you’ll easily spot the hockey rink, replete with protective Perspex around the perimeter to keep the spectators safe. To get inside, you can either mantle over the top of the glass or use nearby boxes to leap over.

The hockey puck spawns in the middle, just like the football, but it has slightly different physics. You can use the snowballs by the goalie position to affect the direction and speed of the puck as well. As usual, three goals and you’ll set off victory fireworks. It's a bit of silly fun but worth checking out while you wait for your Fireteam to sort out their inventory.

Unfortunately, the hockey rink is only available during the snowy weather of The Dawning, so when The Dawning ends, the hockey rink will leave, along with all the other festivities. So take advantage of the hockey rink while you still can! Make sure you check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more content and walkthroughs.

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