Shacknews Best Brickbreaker of 2017: Ballz

Shacknews salutes Ballz for elevating mobile gaming and standing above all other Brickbreakers in 2017.


What makes a great mobile game? It isn't necessarily all about graphics and pushing smartphones to the limit. At their core great mobile games are efficient and fun ways to waste time. This truly was the year of the brickbreaker on mobile. Both the App Store and Google Play were flooded with countless games that were all trying to capture lightning in a bottle similar to Breakout or Arkanoid in the past. At the end of the year, Ballz stood above their competitors and it is our pleasure to award the mobile game our title of Shacknews Best Brickbreaker of 2017.

Ballz is exactly what I want in a mobile game. It allows for one-handed gameplay, you don't have to always be looking at the screen while you play it, it waits for you to take your next turn, the game is easily suspended, but at the same time players could end up playing on game for 40 minutes to an hour. The high score gameplay mechanic adds to the addiction as you will want to outdo your friends. Ballz has an attention to detail that shows up across the entire game. The sound design is excellent and the idea to increase the number of balls with pickups definitely adds to the game experience. The numbered blocks also create a much more challenging game. Ketchapp and the game's developer may not have invented these gameplay mechanics, but they truly shine in Ballz. It allow players to set and forget during turns once you get over a certain amount of balls. The game keeps you coming back for more. 

I love Ballz. I travel a lot for work and Ballz was my go to mobile game all year. My brother and I would keep sending screenshots of our high scores to each other and there were even threads about the game on our Shacknews Chatty forum. It is a delightful game that is worth honoring with the title of Shacknews Best Brickbreaker of 2017.

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