Sairento VR Simplifies Content Creation With New Recording Plugin

In addition to two new maps, Mixed Realms is tossing in integrating a gameplay recording feature and simplifying content creation for virtual reality.


Cyberpunk ninja. Chances are you've dreamt about being one of those or at least find the idea appealing right reading it just now and Sairento VR drops you right into that role. The game is still in Early Access right now, but the devs at Mixed Realms are introducing some groundbreaking new content. Available today, Sairento VR players will have access to a new recording plugin in addition to a couple new maps.

Due to the complex setup of VR UMDs, content creation has a few additional barriers that must be overcome before sharing solid footage with an audience. The new recording plugin for Sairento was created by PrydeVR will ease the process a bit by recording the action from a third-person perspective while you're hacking, slashing, and shooting your way around. The trailer below gives us a glimpse into just how this new feature works.

The free update today also includes two new maps: Shimokitazawas Street and Yorokobi District. With a "Very Positive" Steam rating for recent reviews, things are looking good for the virtual action game's upcoming launch out of Early Access in January. Sairento VR is currently available in Early Access for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive. It can be purchased on Steam for $29.99 and will be leaving Early Access on January 19, 2018.

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