The Best Nintendo 3DS Cases 2017

We've collected together the best protective cases for all manner of NIntendo 3DS players.


While there may be a sort of dangerous allure to carrying around a naked piece of technology, there's little doubt most people prefer to protect their devices from bumps and scratches by placing them into cases. This is true for things like cell phones and tablets, but also for game consoles like the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 3DS. The latter system in particular plays host to loads of different types of cases, from snap-ons to storage-based cases and even travel-oriented carrying cases. The variety of Nintendo 3DS case options on the market can be dizzying, but fortunately for our readers, we've done all the crucial legwork. Read on to discover our choices for the Best Nintendo 3DS Cases.

Hori Duraflexi Clear Protector for Nintendo 3DS

Sometimes basic protection is all that portable gamers really need, and for 3DS owners who'd like to avoid the daily dangers that occur when toting around a handheld system, clear flexible cases are a popular choice. Made out of TPU, the same stuff used in countless cell phone cases, Hori's Duraflexi Clear Protector ($24.99 via Amazon) fits the bill at a reasonable price point. The case also has the added distinction of being officially-licensed by Nintendo, which always helps with peace of mind when buying a gaming case, but be forewarned: some users have reported that the finish of their systems sometimes rubs off onto the case.

dreamGEAR Comfort Grip For New Nintendo 3DS XL

One of the hottest selling items on this list is also one of the chunkiest: the dreamGear Comfort Grip ($17.40 via Amazon) covers 3DS systems top to bottom with a soft silicon shell that's molded into a shape resembling a normal game controller. It might not be the most stylish option on this list, but it's still one of the most popular choices on the 3DS case market.

TNP Aluminium Snap-On Hard Shell Nintendo 3DS Case

Players looking to keep their systems protected without the need for added storage will likely be interested in a sturdy snap-on case. Toward that end, TNP's Aluminium Snap-On Hard Shell Case ($11.99 via Amazon) is a smart choice. Instead of built using flexible TPU, TNP have forged their case with a plastic inner frame matched to an aluminium outer shell. The case itself is both strong and stylish, providing a more high-end look than basic TPU-built cases. Even better, it comes in a range of colors, offering finishes in silver (pictured), gold, hot pink, light blue, navy blue, purple, and black.

AmazonBasics Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case

The AmazonBasics brand is continuing to gain ground, and among its many products is one of the simplest and best-looking Nintendo 3DS cases on the market. The AmazonBasics Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case ($11.99 via Amazon) offers a streamlined approach to 3DS carrying case design, providing a stripped-down enclosure offering little more than elastic straps with which to secure the system and three little mesh pockets to hold 3DS games. Spartan as the case may be, though, it does score points for being the one of the most attractive products on this list, with the case sporting a sleek black or red finish with a crisp Nintendo 3DS logo in the lower-right corner.

Smatree Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case

There are dozens of carrying cases for the 3DS on the market that all sort of do the same thing: they've got a lightly-padded compartment on the bottom for the 3DS system itself, a fold-down flap that protects the surface of the unit that happens to hold a few games, and a zippered compartment up top for storage of cables and accessories. It works the same way for modern Nintendo Switch cases too, and for good reason — this layout provides a way for players to keep all of their favorite systems and games grouped together and reasonably protected. And even though many of these cases look feel almost identical, Smatree's Nintendo 3DS Carrying Case ($19.99 via Amazon) earns its position on our list not just for its popularity but also for its competitive price point.

Hori The Legend of Zelda Adventurer's Pouch

This case is a little unusual; it's kind of a mix between a standard Nintendo 3DS carrying case and a classic messenger bag, just much smaller and adorned with plenty of Zelda-related goodness. It's called the Legend of Zelda Adventurer's Pouch ($19.67 via Amazon), and its a faux leather carrying case sporting a belt loop as well as a metal ring that allows the case to be attached to lanyards or other bags. It also features two small pockets for storing 3DS games and comes with two different styluses featuring designs based on the Legend of Zelda series' Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Plus, since the case is manufactured by Hori,  the Adventurer's Pouch is product that's been officially licensed by Nintendo.

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